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Slim Lipo | Lifesculpt is a very safe form of lipo performed under local anesthesia only that produces amazing results in a fraction of the recovery time of traditional lipo.Become “Bikini Ready” FAST with Total Body SlimLipo Body Sculpting, Exclusively at Obi Plastic Surgery.

SlimLipo | Laser Lipo is a minimally invasive form of slim lipo that melts unwanted fat and simultaneously tightens skin to sculpt your body quickly with little to no bruising and a very fast recovery.

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SlimLipo Laser Liposuction Specials at Obi Plastic Surgery
SlimLipo for Thighs at Obi Plastic Surgery

SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) of abdomen, thighs, lateral breasts, arms and neck may be performed at HALF PRICE in APRIL when combined with any breast surgery procedure. The combined results are enhancing particularly in a bathing suit. An additional part of our April Special is to provide patients with great discounts on laser hair removal/stretch mark reduction and cellulite treatments at our Renaissance Center. Details of these benefits will be outlined during your consultation.

Scarless Breast Augmentation in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic SurgeryComplete Your Transformation with Scarless Pari-Areolar Breast Augmentation.

Dr. Obi’s “Exclusive” Pari-Areolar Breast Augmentation allows the implant to be placed through the center of the breast “Behind All Four Muscles” thus avoiding potential nerve damage and numbness to the breast and nipple and avoiding unsightly scars. The Scarless Pari-Areolar Breast Augmentation consistently results in more natural looking breast with lasting results.

See Our Half Price Spring Special for SlimLipo | Laser Lipo when added to your Scarless Breast Augmentation.