We care about our patients and staff!

At Obi Plastic Surgery, we have been dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment within the guidelines of AHCA licensure and the CCD for over 30 years.

Due to COVID, we have been taking extra steps within our facility to ensure patient safety. Here are just some of the Obi Plastic Surgery COVID policies and precautions:

  • All Staff and Patients are temperature checked once arriving in the office.
  • If any patient is coughing or sneezing it is mandatory they wear a mask and the patient will be immediately sent home to reschedule
  • As an additional precaution, any patient with serious preexisting illness may want to wait to schedule but we will let the patient decide
  • Staff does not shake patient’s hands to minimize person to person contact. We only touch our patients for exam purposes and for procedures.
  • All interior surfaces that previous patients have contacted are sterilized after each visit (sterilizing approximately 20+ times a day)
  • We ask that the patient’s family members or caregivers are restricted to only 1 additional person in the clinic or remain in their cars during the visit. If in the clinic, we ask that they please stay in a private patient waiting room throughout the duration of the appointment
  • Patients remain in the procedure/patient room until the visit is completed. They are allowed to use one of two restrooms if required. The restrooms are cleaned after each use.

Want a consultation or to discuss more of our proactive measures? Please call us at (904) 399-0905.