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The LJO Browlift Scarless Forehead Lift

An Alternative to the Forehead Lift with Minimal Scarring for a Very Natural and Younger Appearance.

Browlift and Forehead Lift Surgery by Dr. Lewis J. Obi in JacksonvillePatients who are seeking or interested in a brow lift in Jacksonville should consider their options carefully as the browlift procedure is one of the most difficult procedures for plastic surgeons to master. This is evident in the numerous different brow lift surgical techniques published in plastic surgery industry books and journals. A quick Google search reveals 261,000 web sites articles and other sources of information that further underscores this quandary. Ironically, this plethora of literature offers hundreds of articles and techniques that are too complicated, allow too much chance for distortion of the patient’s natural appearance, or are simply ineffective. While this topic will most likely continue to pose a challenge for plastic surgeons, Dr. Obi will continue to provide patients with consistently great results using his exclusive “LJO Brow Lift”. Dr. Obi introduced the LJO Brow Lift more than 30 years ago and has treated over 3000 patients. The procedure can be performed in under 30 minutes with most patients returning to work in five or fewer days.

The LJO Browlift Procedure

A Scarless Browlift. A highly effective procedure that was invented by Dr. Lewis J. Obi

Browlift Before and After by Dr. Lewis J. Obi in JacksonvilleOne of the earliest signs of aging is that our eyebrows begin to droop resulting in a tired or saddened appearance. Even in young fair skinned, photo sensitive individuals, the tail of the brow (outer brow) tends to sag at an early age. This sag is often associated with redundancy of the outer segment of the upper eyelids. Unfortunately the majority of procedures used by plastic surgeons to correct this problem distorts the forehead and eyes. These forehead lifting procedures tend to make the patient look startled (“deer in the headlights look”) by over lifting the brows. Attempts at correcting upper eyelid skin redundancy with only skin excision may interfere with eyelid closure. Also if sag of the lateral brow is not addressed with upper eyelid surgery then optimal correction is not obtained.

The LJO Browlift is a plastic surgery procedure invented by Dr. Lewis Obi in 1980. The procedure is a Browlift and Forehead Lift in Jacksonville by Lewis J. Obi approach which is performed within the lateral brow and lifts ONLY the “tail” of the brow thereby avoiding distortion. Almost all of Dr. Obi’s upper and or lower eyelid surgery, (blepharoplasty) patients will also undergo the LJO Browlift procedure.

The LJO Browlift is often performed in conjunction with surgical facelifts, the OPERA lift and many other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Obi has largely abandoned the use of traditional forehead lifts including the endoscopic approach because the high risk of distorting the upper face, hair loss and scarring. Other techniques for diffusely lifting the entire forehead with a more natural result and no scarring includes large volume fat grafting with Adivive | Lipokit™ and the Endotine™ scarless forehead lift for mid and/or lateral forehead sag.

Forehead Lift

In between the brows and hairline are other concerns for plastic sergeons which include forehead lines, frown lines, soft tissue loss and diffuse sag of the forehead. Traditional forehead lifts and endoscopic lifts have largely been abandoned because they often result in an unnatural appearance or permanent distortions. During the past ten years, Dr. Lewis Obi has also addressed forehead lift surgery concerns with an array of techniques that range from temporary to more permanent solutions. Temporary solutions include the use of Botox™, synthetic fillers, lasers and chemical peels. More recently longer lasting solutions include the use of enriched fat grafting and the “Endotine” forehead lift. Either of these approaches is often accompanied by the LJO Browlift, (above) and can also be performed with any of the other facial plastic surgery procedures offered at Obi Plastic Surgery.

The “Endotine” Forehead Lift

Endotine Forehead Lift at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville FloridaThe ENDOTINE Forehead device offers a novel and elegant solution designed specifically for elevating the forehead tissue in brow lift surgery. Its unique structure provides multiple points of contact with the elevated forehead tissue in order to create a more even and gentle distribution of holding strength. Other options such as screws and sutures typically provide only one point of contact which may tear through the soft tissues, adversely affecting brow lift reliability.

Other advantages of the ENDOTINE Forehead Lift include:

  • No unsightly hair loss.
  • No metal screws protruding through the scalp that can cause wound irritation.
  • No sutures that can pinch the hair follicles, also leading to hair loss.
  • No need to remove, since the ENDOTINE Forehead device dissolves and is absorbed by the body over time.

An experienced surgeon can effectively complete the ENDOTINE Forehead Lift in less than 30 minutes. Once the eyebrows are raised to their desired height during endoscopic brow lift surgery, the ENDOTINE Forehead is inserted under the scalp tissue, securely holding the tissue in place. The incision is then closed, and the ENDOTINE is left in place, where it eventually absorbs.

In conclusion, our advanced less-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures are synonymous with the old adage; “Less is More” and truly apply to most plastic surgery procedures. One’s natural appearance and beauty has been in vogue for decades and most certainly will be for the foreseeable future.

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