Plastic Surgery Articles & Publications

Throughout his career, Dr. Obi, as well as Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic, has been the subject of several plastic surgery articles and publications. Here are several we’ve collected and would like to share.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi | Circles Social Datebook and Charity Registry

December 2018, Circles Social Datebook and Charity Registry

This 3 page spread in Volume 4  |  2018 – 2019 of the Circles Datebook and Charity Registry presents Dr. Obi and his work at one of the nation’s leading stem cell therapy centers; Pangenics Regenerative Center. Read the Full Article

Dr. Lewis J. Obi | Circles Datebook and Charity Registry Vol 4 - 2018-2019

December 2018, Circles Social Datebook and Charity Registry

Read Dr. Lewis J. Obi’s thoughts on why it is important to appreciate art and the importance of contributing to the arts  Read the Full Article

In November 2017, Circles Magazine Introduced Pangenics Stem Cell Center at Obi Plastic Surgery

This 3 page spread introduced Pangenics Stem Cell Center located at Dr. Lewis Obi’s Obi Plastic Surgery. This highly advanced Stem Cell Center is staffed by some of the Southeast’s most sought after medical specialists including Dr. Lewis Obi, Dr. David Heekin and Dr. Orlando Florete. Read the Full Article

Unprecedented Stem Cell Treatment InnovationsUNPRECEDENTED INNOVATION – Resident Community News

This Ad was recently published in the Jacksonville Resident Community News about the unprecedented advancements being made in the use of adult stem cells to treat a variety of medical ailments and conditions, and to enhance plastic surgery procedures.  See the Article>>

Ground Breaking Advancements in the use of Adult Stem Cells to Bioprint ear, nose cartilage Ground-Breaking Advancement in 3D Bioprinting of Human Ears and Noses at CSN Florida and Obi Plastic Surgery

At the Cell Surgical Network of Florida’s February Stem Cell Symposium and Stem Cell Workshop, stem cell experts from around the world demonstrated how adult adipose stem cells can be used to Bioprint living tissue that can be used to reconstruct ears and noses. Read the Article >>

2017 Stem Cell Symposium Times Union Article2017 Stem Cell Symposium – The Florida Times Union

In the January 2017, The Florida Times Union published an article about the advanced stem cell treatments being performed at The Cell Surgical Network of Florida, and about the Annual Stem Cell Symposium being hosted on February 2nd and 3rd by Dr. Lewis J. Obi and Memorial Hospital Jacksonville.  See the Article>>

Jacksonville Center for Regenerative Medicine2016-2017 Circles Social Datebook & Charity Register

In the November 2016 edition of Circles Magazine, Dr. Lewis J. Obi introduced the new Renaissance Center for Regenerative Medicine.  A Stem Cell Research and Treatment Center supported by Dr. Obi’s extensive experience in various adult stem cell treatments and years as a pioneering plastic surgeon, coupled with the Samuel Wells Surgical Center; an on-site State Licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center, ” See the Article>>


Expert Guide: Aesthetic Cosmetology 2016

In June 2016, Dr. Lewis J. Obi and his extensive work with Adult Stem Cells was presented internationally in the Expert Guide. The subject of the article was Integration of Adipose Derived Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery and presented how Dr. Obi is using patient’s adipose, (their own) adult stem cells to enhance the results of various plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Read the full article >>


Jacksonville Top Docs Magazine 2016

In June 2016, Dr. Lewis J. Obi and his practice; Obi Plastic Surgery again appeared in Jacksonville Magazine’s “Top Docs”. Click the image to read the full article, or Click Here


Circles Social Datebook & Charity Register

In November 2015, Dr. Lewis J. Obi and Obi Plastic Surgery appeared in the inaugural issue of Circles Social Datebook & Charity Register, a new magazine that according to editors Pamela and Seth Williams, is; “A magazine that tells the story of a charitable city built on the foundation of Southern hospitality, gratitude and an overwhelming sense of faith in a better tomorrow.” Read More >>

A New You in the New YearA New You in the New Year

In this January 2014 article presenting “Credible and responsible aesthetic specialists who work hard to innovate, gain accreditation and practice medicine in the most thoughtful and safe fashion”, Dr. Lewis J. Obi is presented along with other featured surgeons because of his work in Stem Cell Research and Innovation as the Director of CSN of Florida. Read More>>

Expert Guide: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery 2015 - USAExpert Guide: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery 2015

In the Expert Guide: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery 2015 Dr. Obi is presented on “The Use Of Adult Stem Cells In Plastic Surgery & Regenerative Medicine including Surgical Scafolds, 3D Imaging, 3D Printers and More. Read More>>

The Cell Surgical Network appeared in Top Docs Magazine in June 2015. Click to read the full article on page 89.TOP DOCS | June 2015

The Cell Surgical Network of Florida appeared in the June 2015 issue of TOP DOCS because of it’s pioneering work in the development and research in the use of “Adult Stem Cells” in plastic surgery and regenerative medicine. “Cell Surgical Network of Florida is truly in the forefront of medicine by pioneering non-invasive stem cell treatments”. Read More>>

Stem Cells in Aesthetic ProceduresNon-Invasive Facelift “OPERA Lift” September 2014

The first book devoted to the aesthetic uses of stem cells was just released by Springer Publishing, international publishers of science and technology. Three years in preparation, it includes leading international researchers and physicians. Dr. Lewis Obi wrote the chapter on his technique of combining the use of stem cells, PRP and fat grafting with his innovative OPERA Lift and other advanced cosmetic facial surgeries. Read More>>

Dr. Lewis J. Obi was presented in Jacksonville TOP DOCS Magazine in June 2014JACKSONVILLE TOP DOCS | June 2014

Dr. Lewis J. Obi was featured in JACKSONVILLE TOP DOCS Magazine again in the June 2014 issue. Dr. Obi graduated Cum Laude, Rho Chi and Phi Kappa Phi from the University of Florida, acquired a five year degree in three years. After working as a pharmacist he graduated Cum Laude and AOA from the University of Miami. Dr. Obi then completed his residencies in General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery with additional training in Cardiovascular Surgery.  Read More>>

Dr. Lewis Obi - Featured in Expert Guide Magazine as top international plastic surgeonEXPERT GUIDE | May 2014

In May 2014, the Expert Guide Magazine – based in London, focused on “Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery” and featured leading plastic surgeons from around the world. Dr. Lewis J. Obi was among the surgeons who represented the United States in this issue, (Pages 52-57) Read More>>

Dr. Obi was featured in the June 2013 issue of Jacksonville TOP DOCSJACKSONVILLE TOP DOCS | June 2013

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Lewis J. Obi is featured as one of Jacksonville’s Top Surgeons in the June 2013 issue of Jacksonville Magazine’s “TOP DOCS”.  Read More>>

PSP Best of 2012 Plastic & Cosmetic SurgeonsPSP Magazine Best of 2012 Issue

Dr. Lewis J. Obi was featured in the December 2012 issue of Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine’s “Best of 2012 – Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons.” The two page article highlights Dr. Obi’s cutting edge work with lasers and adult-derived stem cell procedures. Read More>>

aesthetic-warriorPSP Magazine June 2011 – Aesthetic Warrior Cover Story

With all he has achieved both in his career and through his myriad hobbies which includes art collecting, marathon running, and martial arts, some might stop or at least slow down, but not this Jacksonville, Fla, physician. Read More>>

semper-fiBest Deal I Ever Made… Jacksonville Magazine’s 904

“The best deal I ever made was pleading my service to America and enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. Not only did I have the honor of defending the greatest country in the world, but my training as a Marine gave me the wisdom, courage, discipline and sensitivity to chart a thrilling and challenging destiny.”  Read More>>

medicine-and-artIn The Name Of Medicine and Art

Lewis J. Obi believes medicine is truly an art and of all the various specialties plastic surgery stands out as symbolizing medicine’s contribution to art. For more than four decades the cover of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has featured art with informative narrations. Read More>>

floridas-pioneer-medical-societyDCMS – Florida’s Pioneer Medical Society

As a prominent and lifelong member of Jacksonville’s medical community, Dr. Lewis J. Obi was featured in “Florida’s Pioneer Medical Society”; A history of the Duval County Medical Society & medicine in Northeast Florida. Read More>>