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Lewis J. Obi, M.D. | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

For Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville Florida, look no further than Obi Plastic Surgery. Thousands of patients have chosen the experience and genuine care of Dr. Lewis J. Obi and his staff. Dr. Obi is a board certified plastic surgeon who is unique among his peers in that he has never settled for the status quo. Dr. Obi has always focused on the leading edge of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments by investing in the industry’s most advanced technology and by practicing the surgical techniques and procedures that produce the most desirable results rather than those that can be performed faster or cheaper. Dr. Obi’s extensive experience coupled with his commitment to excellence assures that every patient safely achieves their goals and experiences more natural and lasting results. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Obi to discuss all of the options available at Obi Plastic Surgery.

Advanced Techniques and an Excellent Record of Patient Safety.

Med Spa in Jacksonville Florida | Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Treatments by Dr. Lewis J. Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville Florida

Explore Dr. Obi’s minimally invasive and scarless techniques that produce amazing, more natural results with minimal downtime.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville Florida | Top Surgeon for Scarless Face Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Brow Lift and More

Remove creases and fine lines, tighten skin and brighten your eyes and smile with minimally invasive procedures and faster recovery times.

Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville Florida | Body Sculpting by Dr. Lewis J. Obi

Gently and comfortably sculpt, tone and smooth your body in a Single Procedure, with little if any bruising and a short recovery period.

Better Technology, Better Results.

Learn More about Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville with Dual Frequency SlimLipo Laser Liposuction


The Dual Frequency Laser Lipo Platform that Melts Fat and Tightens Skin

A Gentle alternative to traditional liposuction that even outperforms other laser lipo systems. In addition to using the most effective frequency for dissolving unwanted fat, the SlimLipo Laser combines an additional frequency that tightens the skin in the treated areas. This remarkable technology can be used with only local anesthesia, requires only a small incision and no stitches, causes little to no bruising, and patients usually go back to work after only one day of taking it easy.

Learn More about SlimLipo Laser Lipo Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville Florida

Learn More about Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville with the Adavive Fat Transfer System

Adivive® Fat Transfer

Use Your Own Unwanted Fat Instead of Facial Fillers and Implants

Fill facial lines and creases naturally for a more youthful appearance. Use your unwanted fat to enhance the size, shape or symmetry of your breasts or breast reconstruction. Your own body fat is simply the most natural small or large volume cosmetic filler. And the Adivive® Fat Transfer System now provides a completely enclosed, sterile system to safely harvest and protect your body fat. Once your own body fat is safely collected, it is enriched with nutrients and platelet rich plasma, (PRP) to help assure the survival of the fat cells, and then injected to complete your fat transfer procedure.

Learn More about Fat Transfer Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville Florida at Obi Plastic Surgery

One of the Safest and Most Advanced Practices for Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville Florida

What our Patients Are Saying…

Dr. Obi is wonderful. I had a nose done 2 years ago by another doctor and had to have Dr. Obi redo it. Did exactly what I wanted done. So nice, great bedside manners and does an excellent job. No one else will ever touch my face or any part of my body but him. Just love him and the staff was awesome. Everyone nice and very helpful. Thanks

Sharon Seaman

When I got to the plastic surgery office, I was a little nervous – just because I’ve never had anything done before. But Dr. Obi assured me that I’d be ok and his entire staff was caring and courteous. I received the Lifesculpt liposuction procedure and saw results within a month’s time. The procedure itself was just a little uncomfortable but Dr. Obi and his nurses eased my worries and kept me comfortable. They answered all my questions and addressed some I didn’t even think of! I will definitely go back if I need to!

Self Verified Patient

I went to see Dr Obi for abdomnioplasty and was told I was NOT a candidate but advised on a less invasive procedure that would give great results. Dr Obi could have performed the surgery and taken my money but he elected to be honest as well as care for my well being. Dr Obi even took the time to sit with me to show pictures and explain the SlimLipo procedure vs the traditional Lipo as well as SmartLipo. He even took me around and showed me the clinic where the procedures take place as well as the recovery room.

Self Verified Patient

From the consultation, to the pre-op appt, to surgery, to the 2 post-op appt’s “I have had thus far”, to the office staff and operating room nurses. I have nothing but EXCELLENT things to say about Dr. O and staff. I was thoroughly informed, I enjoy going, its like visiting close friends/family. (and trust me I hate going to Dr’s even for routine visits) I knew what to expect every step of the way before, during and after the surgery. From the initial consultation, I stopped looking for Dr’s even when friends would try to have me see their Dr. or a Dr. of one of their friends. I left the consultation knowing my search was over.


Dr. Obi is amazing his bed side manners are wonderful the staff communicates and works well together! He did a wonderful job on our daughter’s enhancement ( breast). Always available if you need him! I rate them a 5 and have referred many friends and acquaintance to there facility.

Cara Morelli

I started out with nothing. I didn’t even fill out an A cup. I went in and he gave me all my options and answered all my questions about each one then let me decide what I wanted. He never pushed any other procedures on me or to go bigger. He made me feel extremely comfortable. I had complications during the healing process (that were my fault not his) and he made sure to get plenty of follow up with me to make sure everything turned out like it should. I moved away and when I came back to visit he opened up a spot for me to come in just to make sure everything still checked out okay. They do not look fake at all, most people don’t know they are fake until I tell them. I went from nothing, to having the best boobs I could ever ask for.


After knowing him 10 years, Dr. Obi remains on my list of doctors who truly care about their patients. He always stays on top of the latest advancements in his field as well.

Melissa R.

Im a 31 year old African American woman and had Adivive fat transfer done to the malar area in my face and I love my results. I was suffering from low self esteem caused by loss of fat in my face and no facial definition. I’m constantly looking in the mirror now.. I’m so happy with my results!!!! When my mom and kids saw me after the procedure the were thrilled with my results. I will post before and after pictures at a later date. Another thing… When I went in for my consultation, I had my daughters with me ages (2,9, and 12)


Reputation and word of mouth, with the buzz being that Dr Lewis Obi is THE best! Talked to a few friends and when I mentioned his name, one said, “oh yeah, my Mom went to him years ago, and matter of fact, I just had a procedure done. I wouldn’t trust anyone else”.
That was enough for me!!

Melinda G

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