Advanced scarless breast augmentation with the new round smooth gummy bear implants plus SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) non-surgical total laser “tummy and waist tuck” only at the Dr Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery/Pangenics Clinic.

Below is a 25 year old patient with a baby boy who underwent a scarless gummy bear breast augmentation Pictured at one year post scarless gummy bear augmentation. Periareolar incisions and implants placed 100% behind the muscles.

38 year old lady pictured below with ruptured implants:

Natrelle 410 implants before and after

She underwent a scarless SlimLipo laser lift/gummy bear smooth implant replacement and scarless total abdomen tightening with significant total fee reduction.

FREE 3D Imaging March 21st to May 1st For All Breast and SlimLipo Procedures, and Most Facial Procedures!

See the results of your Breast, Waist, Face and Abdomen procedures before surgery at no cost!

Slim Lipo Laser Body Sculpting. A minimally Invasive Laser that Melts Fat and Tightens Skin in the treated area with only one day downtime. THE ONLY TRULY “COOL”, SAFE, PAINLESS AND EFFECTIVE BODY SCULPTING PROCEDURE IN TOWN
only one painless treatment required
and only at
Dr. Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic

Slim Lipo Laser Liposuction in Jacksonville

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    After decades of major contributions in numerous medical specialties, Dr Obi continues to care for patients as a plastic and regenerative surgeon providing unique and exclusive surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Obi provides all treatments at his on-site state and federally licensed ambulatory surgical center on the University Blvd campus of HCA Memorial Hospital, Brooks Rehab and Obi Plastic Surgery | Pangenics Regenerative Center.

    Schedule Your Consultation Today at (904) 399-0905