INTRODUCING INNOVATIONS IN PLASTIC SURGERY at the lewis obi plastic surgery clinic

INTRODUCING INNOVATIONS IN PLASTIC SURGERYat the lewis obi plastic surgery clinic Thursday October 30th, 2014 The –alpha-omega” approach to plastic surgery The primary enemy to innovation is –the comfort zone” which I have always tried to avoid. As a result and after many years of practicing plastic surgery, I continue to strive for new techniques

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–FALL” IN LINE WITH RENAISSANCE FALL SPECIALS Tuesday October 28th, 2014 Erase the Summer's Damage but Keep the Gorgeous Glow Too much fun in the sun and not sure what treatment you need? Listed below are common post-summer skin ailments and our recommended treatments. Most procedures are now being offered at reduced fees throughout December

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What is The Process of Laser Tattoo Removal?

What Was I Thinking?? What is The Process of Laser Tattoo Removal? Thursday October 23rd, 2014 Roughly 10 percent of the U.S. population has some sort of tattoo. However, it's estimated that roughly one-third of everyone who gets inked has what's called –tattoo regret.” Tattoo regret can stem from a variety of reasons _ perhaps

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THE ART AND HISTORY OF RHINOPLASTY(Nose Job) Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 As an eighteen year old Marine, I sustained a broken nose which was reset at the hospital in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Although it was a traumatic experience, my life was changed forever. My subsequent tour in Korea confirmed my commitment to become a

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A ÒNEW WAYÓ TO BRA DAYLasers, Stem Cells, Silk Scaffold, 410 Implants 3D Imaging & More

A –NEW WAY” TO BRA DAYLasers, Stem Cells, Silk Scaffold, 410 Implants3D Imaging & More Wednesday October 15th, 2014 The Combination Above is Unique to Dr. Lewis Obi's Practice Careful planning included 3D imaging, external and internal silk mesh and –gummy bear” implants followed by infusion of 50 million viable stem cells (counted) into the

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Breast Cancer Week Awareness October Specials

Breast Cancer Week AwarenessOctober Specials Thursday October 9th, 2014 During the month of October, all patients having or scheduling breast surgery procedures will have an opportunity to include any SlimLipo procedure at a reduced fee. Also see October 10th event specials. Abdomen and waist - $5000 usual reduced to $2500 Breast reconstruction with SlimLipo left

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CLOSING THE LOOPON BREAST CANCER Thursday October 2nd, 2014 At the Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Day, we will be celebrating BRA Day for an entire month: 1 October through 31 October 2014 Free consults with Dr. Lewis Obi including 3D Vextra XT imaging will be available throughout the

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