Breast Lift in Jacksonville, FL

Breast Lift in Jacksonville by Lewis J. Obi M.D.

Breast Lift without Noticeable Scars at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville

An advanced Approach to Breast lift that combines Laser Lipo and Enhanced Fat Transfer

Breast Lift in Jacksonville by Dr. Lewis J. Obi

Scarless Laser Breast Lift; another plastic surgery first for Dr. Lewis Obi! He presented his early cases where this exciting new technique was used by his colleagues at an advanced symposium in 2010. Palomar’s SlimLipo™ laser lipo platform is utilized in breast lift patients seeking treatment of moderate breast sag.

With the use of the skin tightening SlimLipo laser lipo platform in combination with the use of the style 410 (gummy bear) solid matrix implants noticeable scars that commonly result from a surgical breast lift are avoided. Both breast augmentation and skin tightening is accomplished through a small crescent incision at the edge of theBreast Lift in Jacksonville by Dr. Lewis J. Obi areola which is hidden by the skin color difference. In this breast lift procedure, crescent incisions around the areola along with internal breast pocket tailoring, and insertion of the Gummy Bear Style 410 implants which may also be performed through the same areolar incision. Simultaneously, the SlimLipo laser platform may be used to eliminate rolls from the outer chest and sculpture the abdomen.

Advanced Uses of Scarless Laser Lifting & Skin Tightening

Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the lead plastic surgeons for Palomar when they introduced the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) laser lipo platform in 2008. His in-depth experience as a surgeon and with this new laser technology lead Dr. Obi to develope many novel applications for the new laser wave lengths invented by Palomar. In addition to the scarless breast lift/skin tightening of the breasts (above), he also integrated the use of Enriched fat Transfer well as combining the newly introduced Seri “Silk” Surgical Scaffold with lasers and the patient’s own enriched fat.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Obi at Obi Plastic Surgery to learn more about the new “Gummy Bear Shaped Gel Breast Implant” by Natrelle® and how this implant can greatly enhance the results of breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Reconstruction in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic SurgeryThese newly developed technologies were quickly applied to many of Dr, Lewis Obi’s mastectomy patients. Many breast cancer patients are treated with lumpectomy combined with radiation of the cancerous breast. This results in significant asymmetry of the breast with contraction of the irradiated breast and a larger saggier breast on the non cancer side. Many patients may be treated without surgery by performing a scarless breast lift/reduction on the non cancerous side along with stem cell enhanced fat grafting to the irradiated/lumpectomy side.

Scarless Laser Breast Sculpting in JacksonvilleNote the reversal of the irradiation damage to the skin as well as the restored volume on the cancer side. The right breast was reduced/lifted non-surgically with the SlimLipo laser.

The patient must be cancer free for 5 years in order for stem cells to be used. However, processed fat grafting may be used in all patients.

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