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Pre-Surgery 3D Virtual Imaging

Virtual Imaging in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic Surgery

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Virtual 3D Imaging at Obi Plastic Surgery

Preview the results of your surgery, “Before Surgery” at Obi Plastic Surgery for Free!

See your Plastic Surgery Results With the advanced virtual imaging software of the new Vectra XT 3D Imaging System, you can now see your post operative results before surgery. See yourself, not others, and peer into the future to see how your face, breasts and body will look after surgery. Watch a demonstration video of this exciting technology at Obi Plastic Surgery and how it will allow you to peek into your future. >>


See the “New You” before surgery!

The most common fear women have when considering breast augmentation or reconstruction is the fear of not being able to effectively communicate their wishes and goals to their plastic surgeon and as a result, not achieving the results they wanted and expected.

VectraXT-1Imagine being able to work with your plastic surgeon using a 3D view of you, not a simulated human mock up, but you, right down to the last freckle and birthmark. And being able to both view from any angle and adjust any aspect of that virtual image of yourself into the exact shape you wish to achieve. The Vectra XT 3D Imaging system now makes this possible.

Vectra XT – Not Just for Breast Surgery!

The Vectra XT 3D Imaging system is not just for Breast Surgery. The Vectra XT and Dr. Obi’s other video and photography equipment allows a patient to preview their results for all types of plastic surgery procedures:

pre-surgery-3D-imagingSlimLipo (LifeSculpt)

Body Sculpting & Contouring

Mommy Makeovers


Nose Surgery


Eyelid Surgery

At Obi Plastic Surgery, you will experience some of the most advanced imaging equipment and 3D imaging software available in Northeast Florida. And Dr. Obi makes full use of it to fully understand your goals as he explains the extremely advanced techniques and technology such as stem cell fat transfers, and skin tightening laser lipo, and even the laser scar reduction options that most of which are only available at Obi Plastic Surgery; one of the most advanced and equipped plastic surgery centers in the United States.


For the Safest and Most Advanced Plastic Surgery.

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