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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon in Jacksonville

A Leading Specialist in the Field of Plastic Surgery
and Regenerative Adult Stem Cell Therapies and Treatments

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon | Lewis J. Obi M.D.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi specializes in a wide variety of plastic surgery & cosmetic surgery procedures for almost every aspect of the body including breast enlargements, breast reconstructions, non-surgical treatments and facial rejuvenation treatments. In partnership with a major medical laser manufacturer, Dr. Obi helped develop and introduce Palomar’s SlimLipo/Lifesculpt laser platform. It remains as one of the most advanced ways to remove fat and tighten skin with the use of lasers. This procedure is much less-invasive than typical liposuction and it produces a quicker recovery time with the added bonus of tightening the skin of the treated areas.

Dr. Obi is also an internationally recognized expert in the ongoing development and use of adult adipose, (from body fat) stem cells to enhance the results of plastic surgery procedures, cosmetic treatments and a wide variety of medical conditions, sports injuries and diseases. For more than ten years Dr. Obi has set the pace for American plastic surgery in the area of adult stem cell research and the use of stem cells in Plastic Surgery.

Graduated with Honors
from Multiple Universities and Post Graduate Programs

Dr. Obi is a respected board certified plastic surgeon who founded Obi Plastic Surgery and has practiced in Jacksonville, Florida since the 1970’s. Originally born in Jacksonville, Dr. Obi graduated from the University of Florida, Cum Laude, Rho Chi and Phi Kappa Phi, and received a five year degree in only three years.

After receiving his first degree, he pursued and received a second degree from the University of Miami where he again graduated Cum Laude, and AOA while working as a full time pharmacist to support his growing family.

stem-cell-aestheticsDr. Lewis Obi then completed his residencies in General Surgery, Hand Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery with additional training in Cardiovascular Surgery as well as Heart Transplant Surgery. Additional training included rotations with plastic surgery leaders in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Obi’s growth and training continues today in the area of stem cell surgery and was published in The first major text book dedicated to the aesthetic uses of stem cells, published in July of 2014: Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures…. Art, Science and Clinical Techniques.

Career Highlights & Major Achievements

dr-lewis-j-obi-miami-school-of-medicine-2Dr. Obi began his medical career as a pharmacist after graduating from the University of Florida Cum Laude. His deep understanding of pharmacology enhanced his career as a physician and surgeon. It also planted the seeds that enabled him to understand the world of stem cells and regenerative medicine as it applies to plastic surgery.


dr-lewis-j-obi-pharmacist-2After graduating with many honors from the University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr Obi completed his medical internship in the U.S. Navy. He then completed his plastic surgery training which included additional training in cardiovascular surgery, maxillofacial surgery and hand surgery.


surgeonShortly after opening his Jacksonville plastic surgery practice; Obi Plastic Surgery, Dr. Obi constructed one of the first free standing outpatient surgery centers in the United States. The Samuel Wells SurgiCenter became the first licensed comprehensive outpatient plastic surgery center in the state of Florida. The Samuel Wells SurgiCenter has the longest record of patient safety of any licensed plastic surgery center in the U.S.


Immediately upon entering private practice, Dr. Obi began to participate in educating medical students, interns and residents of all specialties. He is the author and co-author of multiple publications and magazine articles. During the past several years he has presented at numerous meetings and symposiums in the area of advanced lasers and stem cells. In 2015 Dr. Obi was asked to speak at five major symposiums.
Dr. Obi was named as a co-inventor of an advanced cellulite laser by Palomar Medical Technology of Boston. From 2009 until 2013 he lectured at 12 different medical laser symposiums both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Obi’s aesthetic plastic surgery center provides the most advanced laser treatments in Jacksonville. He innovated the OPERA Lift and the scarless laser breast lift and continues to be one of the most skilled and active providers of SlimLipo | Laser Lipo procedures.

Click the Pangenics Logo anywhere you see it to learn more about how your adult stem cells can enhance your procedureDr Lewis Obi was awarded the first FDA approved Medikan™ fat processing system in the United States. He then quickly adopted the technology from stem cell pioneers Dr Mark Berman (L.A.), Dr. Hee Young Lee (Seoul) and Dr. Katoro Yoshimura (Tokyo). Dr Obi was then able to combined his SlimLipo skills with this advanced stem cell technology into the OPERA Lift. He was then invited by Dr. Melvin Shiffman to write a chapter on the first book ever published on the use of stem cells in aesthetic procedures.

This later evolved into the area of regenerative medicine and the birth of the Pangenics Regenerative Center located at Obi Plastic Surgery. The CSN team of specialists includes orthopedics specialist; Dr. David Heekin and pain management specialist; Dr. Orlando Florete. Additional specialties are planned as the Pangenics Regenerative Center continues to grow.

In January and June of 2015, Dr. Lewis Obi presented lectures at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (New Orleans) and at the annual meeting of Cell Surgical Network (Beverly Hills) . These presentations proposed the use of 3D imaging and 3D printing with adult stem cells to produce various tissues in the body. To facilitate this endeavor, Dr. Obi is researching various stem cell expansion and storage systems that Medikan International (Seoul) is pioneering.

topdocsToday, Dr. Lewis Obi is more active in his plastic surgery practice then ever. His skills continue to grow with the addition of his new skills in the area of lasers and stem cells. Most of the traditional procedures in plastic surgery have been advanced with these technologies. An example is his proprietary “OPERA Lift” which is a totally non-surgical face and neck lifting procedure. A much earlier invention of Dr. Obi was the 10 minute LJO brow lift, which is often included with the OPERA Lift. He has performed the LJO brow lift on more than 3000 patients since 1980 with an unparalleled track record. Dr. Lewis Obi, his staff and licensed surgery center continues to provide the most dedicated and personalized care to patients. This along with his track record of safety was featured in Jacksonville Magazines “Top Docs” in 2013, 2014 and 2015.