Fat Transfer in Jacksonville

Fat Transfer Body Contouring by Dr. Lewis J. Obi

Highly Advanced Technology that Helps Fat Survive Transfer for Lasting Results; The “Adivive” Fat Transfer in Jacksonville.

Imagine Your Own Unwanted Fat being used as a Natural Facial Filler to replace lost volume and fill lines and creases in your face, to naturally enlarge and reshape your breasts and even return a more youthful appearance to your hands.

Excess fat is our friend, when located in the right places! By using one’s own unwanted fat, Dr. Obi can return a more youthful appearance to the face, hands and naturally shape and reconstruct breasts. While fat transfer has been being performed for many years, Transferred fat cell survival rates have historically been lower than desirable for most, and still are for those performing fat transfer in traditional ways. Today, new technology is allowing Dr. Obi to dramatically improve the survival rates of transferred fat; the Enclosed Fat Processing System known as the Adivive™ allows Dr. Obi safely harvest your own body fat, enrich it with nutrients and growth factors, and inject it to add volume to contour and smooth the face and neck, enlarge and contour breasts, and replace lost volume in hands.

Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures

Read Dr. Obi’s chapter in the first book ever published on the use of stem cells in aesthetic procedures

Dr. Obi wrote an entire chapter in the first book ever published on live adult stem cells being used in plastic surgery; Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures. The chapter offers a wealth of information about mesenchymal stem cells and how they can be harvested from a small amount of a patient’s own fat and used to improve the survival rates of transferred fat. And also how stem cell rich fat can be used as a natural filler to replace lost volume, reduce fine lines and offer patients and many other benefits. Click on the book image to open the chapter PDF.

The following information explains the multiple techniques and technology that make up the OperaLift Non Surgical Face Lift.

Watch how Adivive Fat Transfer and enhancement is performed!

How Much Does Adivive™ Fat Transfer Cost?

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation at Obi Plastic Surgery in JacksonvillePerhaps the most radical reduction in cost has been for breast cancer survivors where the Adivive™ fat transfer is much less invasive and thus much less expensive. The most common treatment for breast cancer is a lumpectomy and radiation with sentinel node biopsy that often causes cosmetic alterations or the complete loss of the breast, (mastectomy). Traditional plastic surgery techniques and procedures for cosmetic corrections of the breast rely heavily on implants. In some breast reconstruction cases, autologous flaps, (skin from the back used to replace lost breast tissue) are used to replace lost tissue coupled with the use of breast implants to replace volume. These traditional techniques and procedures are highly complex and very expensive surgical procedures. Adivive™ fat transfer Breast Reconstruction offers patients a much less expensive, less invasive option that does not add additional scaring to areas where tissue was harvested, (traditionally from the patient’s back), and allows breast cancer survivors to have much more natural breasts with less scaring. Learn More about Fat Transfer Breast Reconstruction.

Fat Transfer For Facial RejuvenationWe are excited to have been one of the first plastic surgical centers in the United States to use Adivive™ fat transfer technology. Because of this new technology, Obi Plastic Surgery is also the first plastic surgery center in Jacksonville to offer a Non Surgical Face lift procedure called OperaLift Scarless Facelift.

Some Important Facts about Adivive | LipoKit™

More About the Adivive™ Fat Transfer in Jacksonville

Adivive™ is an all-in-one FDA-approved medical device for collecting, filtering, and safely transferring one’s own fat for use in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Most importantly, this technology filters your fat to its cellular components and encourages the fat cells to more reliably perform normal sub-cellular activities. This improves their chances for survival and improves the results of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Adivive™ Fat Transfer in Jacksonville is performed by Dr. Obi at the Obi Plastic Surgery Center onsite ambulatory surgical center; The Samuel Wells SurgiCenter.

See Your Results “Before” your Fat Transfer Procedure!

See your Plastic Surgery Results Before SurgeryOne of the most advantageous types of technology Dr. Obi brings to his patients is the VECTRA XT 3D Imaging Platform. This 3D camera system will photograph you from six different angles to create a virtual image of your face and or body. Dr. Obi uses the system’s software to adjust your virtual appearance so that you can see how “Your” face and or body will look after your fat transfer.

You will be able to work with Dr. Obi before your procedure to adjust and reshape your virtual self to achieve the appearance you desire. This can give you the comfort of knowing exactly how you will look after surgery. Best of all, this fantastic peek into your future is included as part of your initial consultation with Dr. Obi!

Adivive™ Fat Transfer Patients

Facial Fat Transfer Before and AfterFacial Fat Transfer Before and After

Is Adivive™ Enhance Fat Transfer Right For Me?

The Adivive | LipoKit™ Enhanced Fat Transfer is right for most patients regardless of age. Patient candidates are evaluated by Dr. Obi in their initial consultation, provided they are in good health, and follow Dr. Obi’s presurgical instructions. These include smoking, the consumption of alcohol and taking medications and vitamins. When these instructions are followed you will most likely be able to enjoy the dramatic benefits of Adivive | LipoKit™ Enriched Fat Transfer!

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