Help for Victims of Breast Cancer
with Breast Cancer Awareness Surgery Specials
Choose Gummy Bear Shaped Gel Breast Implants

If Your Breast Procedure Involves Breast Implants, During October, Dr. Obi is offering Special Help for Victims of Breast Cancer. Get the Most Sought After and Natural Natrelle Shaped Gel Implants at NO ADDITIONAL COST over the cost of Traditional Breast Implants.

As we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we decided to extend a very special opportunity that we thought could benefit a broad scope of patients requiring or interested in breast surgery. Breast implants play a key roll in Breast Reconstruction. They are often important in Breast Lifts and of course Breast Augmentation. And while there are a variety of choices in breast implants, the Gummy Bear Implants or Natrelle Shaped Gel Implants are clearly the top choice among patients.

Experience Coupled with Advanced Techniques

As a pioneer in new, more advanced techniques that produce more natural and lasting results, Dr. Obi has introduced a number innovations that have integrated major new technology specifically designed to help breast cancer survivors and breast surgery patients enjoy amazing results. The following information is an overview of some of Dr. Obi’s advanced procedures.

One of the first concerns most breast surgery patients have is their appearance after their procedure. Dr. Obi realizes how important this concern is to patients and uses 3D Virtual Imaging during initial consultations. The amazing technology allows a patient to see a current virtual 3D image of themselves before surgery, and then after a detailed consultation, you can see a 3D image yourself and your new appearance after surgery. A truly amazing peek into your future.

Best of All, 3D Virtual Imaging is FREE
During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

See the results of your surgery BEFORE SURGERY!
See the results of your surgery BEFORE SURGERY!

Help for Victims of Breast Cancer with Breast Implant Revisions

Women elect to replace their implants for a number of reasons and Dr. Obi has become the plastic surgeon of choice for many because of his advance techniques that eliminate visible scaring and produce a more natural appearance. His Scarless Areolar incision allows him to replace implants through the center of the breast and under all four chest muscles, even the Gummy Bear Shaped Gel Implants. This incision point also allows Dr. Obi to clearly inspect the health of the breast and remove any capsular contracture, (scar tissue) that has formed around the previous implant.

Breast Implant Revision is also enhanced with SlimLipo Laser Lipo, an advanced dual wavelength laser capable of tightening skin. Dr. Obi uses the SlimLipo Laser to contour and lift the breast for a more youthful appearance.

Get Gummy Bear Shaped Gel Implants at
During Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Implant Revision with Gummy Bear Implants

(Above) Laser Breast Lift and Implant Revision using the Natrelle 410 Shaped Gel Implant, also know as the “Gummy Bear Implant”. During this procedure, Dr. Obi also performed SlimLipo™ of the abdomen.

Breast Reconstruction
with Gummy Bear Breast Impants

The below patient was forced to undergo a mastectomy of her right breast after contracting a MRSA infection at another hospital. Dr. Obi worked with the patient through multiple steps to reconstruct her right breast. Steps included advanced techniques and procedures such as the use of SlimLipo laser breast lift, GalaFLEX Surgical Scaffold with Fat Transfer to help rebuild the breast tissue, and Natrelle 410 Shaped Gel Breast Implants; Gummy Bear Implants.

Breast Reconstruction

The images below are the 3D Virtual Images from the above breast reconstruction. They were an important aspect in planning the necessary procedures and helped this patient gain a clear understanding of the steps associated to reconstructing her breast and the expected final results.

Breast Reconstruction at Obi Plastic Surgery

Scarless Breast Augmentation
with Gummy Bear Breast Impants

Scarless Breast Augmentation Patients who chose Dr. Obi for their breast augmentation are consistently impressed and extremely happy with their results. There are a number of benefits that Dr. Obi’s patients experience; The first is No Visible Scars. Dr. Obi prefers the areolar incision at the edge of the patient’s areola where the different skin colors of the breast and areola meet. This edge conceals the crescent incision making it almost invisible. Additionally, the areolar incision point allows Dr. Obi to clearly inspect the health of the patient’s breasts, and to place the implant securely under all four chest muscles to avoid malpositioning and other issues that can occur over time. Dr. Obi is also able to perform the crescent areolar incision without any damage to the milk glands under the areola and avoid nerve damage that can occur from other incision points.

And Remember…
Upgrade to Gummy Bear Shaped Gel Implants
During Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Scarless Breast Augmentation

Scarless Breast Augmentation

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