January - February Plastic Surgery Specials

Special Offers at Obi Plastic Surgery
January – February 2019

Surgical facelift plus specialized fat grafting – up to $2500 reduction

OPERA Lift (non surgical face lift) – reduced to as low as $6000

LJO Brow lift – usual fee $3000 reduced to $1500 with face lifts

Slim Lipo total abdomen – reduced to as low as $3000 from $6900 if performed with other major procedures.

Stem cell joint/IV injections with PRP – savings up to $2000 if performed with Slim Lipo and/or fat grafting to face and/or breasts.

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Dr. Lewis Obi, The Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic and Pangenics Regenerative Center are all beginning the new year by offering unique proprietary procedures at a significant fee reduction through February. The patient above is a 73 year old only at one week and one day following a limited face lift and OPERA Lift combination. A short incision face lift surgery with a stem cell enhanced fat grafting procedure enhances results and reduces recovery time and total cost. 3D imaging is provided with each consultation so that anticipated results may be viewed before surgery. Usual fee for the above procedure is between $12-14,000 with the special fee reduced to as low as $9500. For totally non surgical facelift procedures with SlimLipo tightening of neck and 3D large volume “space lift” stem cell fat grafting, fees are lower ($6-8000).

Adding Dr Obi’s innovative brow lift procedure (LJO Browlift) adds very little cost nor recovery time nor distortion or scarring.

It is safe and not uncommon to perform body sculpting procedures on these patients at the same time. For existence, SlimLipo laser body liposculpting developed by Dr Obi may reduce unwanted fat and bulges with significant skin tightening of the abdomen, waist and back at one-half the usual fee if performed together. Usual fee is $6900 and with the above facial procedures the fee may be as low as $3000. There is only 1-2 days down time with Slim Lipo and skin tightening is quicker and more effective in patients older then 40.

SlimLipo™  – sole provider in Jacksonville.

Dr Obi’s unique processing of fat from abdomen may be used for specialized fat grafting to face and/or breasts. Also, the Pangenics Regenerative Center team(www.stemcellsurgeryflorida.com) uses adult fat to produce millions of live stem cells to inject into arthritic joints, and again at a reduced total fee. The first patient pictured above had a combination of all of these procedures.

As initially mentioned, many of the above procedures were developed and introduced by Dr Lewis Obi. These include the OPERA Lift published in 2014 by Springer Publications, the LJO Brow lift first introduced by Dr Obi in 1980 and Slim Lipo laser liposuctioning introduced and taught to plastic surgeons worldwide ten years ago.

Center Trifold “Circles” magazine volume 4, 2018

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After decades of major contributions in numerous medical specialties, Dr Obi continues to care for patients as a plastic and regenerative surgeon providing unique and exclusive surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Obi provides all treatments at his on-site state and federally licensed ambulatory surgical center on the University Blvd campus of HCA Memorial Hospital, Brooks Rehab and Obi Plastic Surgery | Pangenics Regenerative Center.

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