As an important part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Lewis Obi would like to remind women that a healthy lifestyle goes a long way towards the prevention of all cancers. A high BMI, (obesity) is one of the most significant risk factors associated to breast cancer. High levels of estrogens and insulin-like growth factors are associated with obesity. Diets high in red meats, carbs, sugars and fast foods are just a few examples of diets considered to be risk factors for most cancers. Conversely, there are specific biologic mechanisms which explain the protective effects and advantages of diets high in fruits and vegetables, vitamins, fiber and supplements, and also help to maintain a healthy weight or BMI, (Body Mass Index).


Dr. Obi has been at the forefront of reconstructive breast surgery for many years by using the most advanced medical techniques and medical technology to help recovering breast cancer survivors return to their former selves. Dr. Obi uses advanced scarless surgical techniques, surgical techniques that eliminate incisions that can damage nerves and cause permanent numbness, and was one of the first plastic surgeons in our area to offer the Natrelle Gummy Bear Breast Implant. These examples and other firsts coupled with an excellent record in patient safety as an ASC Member, (Advanced Surgical Care) for over 43 years, a fully licensed Medicare Provider, and this year Obi Plastic Surgery was approved by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and was among the very few ambulatory health care centers to receive this prestigious approval and license upon completion of its first inspection.

To help victims of breast cancer complete their recovery, Dr. Obi will be providing free initial consultations and 3D Virtual imaging. 3D Virtual Imaging allows patients to see a 3D image of how they will look after breast reconstruction or augmentation.

See the results of your surgery BEFORE SURGERY!
See the results of your surgery BEFORE SURGERY!

Schedule Your Courtesy Consultation with 3D Virtual Imaging in October by Calling (904) 399-0905.