Today, surface body fat is a very common problem for our society’s women and men. After speaking with thousands of patients over the years, I have found that when considering treatment options that are designed to reduce unwanted body fat, patients always seem to consider cost and down time as their primary concern. All to often, safety and efficacy is often given little consideration if at all. And the sheer number of options are often too numerous for patients to select which technique is actually the best over all option for them. Unfortunately, mass marketing plays too large of a role in these decisions with the majority of patients. Patients should know before making a decision about which type of fat reduction treatment or procedure is right for them, that the newer so called Non-Invasive Cryotherapy” fat reduction treatments that we hear about constantly in Radio, TV and print advertising are ubiquitous at best. Patients should be aware that these treatments are  NOT uniformly painless, safe, nor effective.

With respect to one of today’s most popular cryotherapy treatments, a recent article in HealthDay News reported warnings the new cryotherapy; “Florida plastic surgeons warn, it’s riskier than previously believed”.  We are also seeing an increase of “paradoxical adipose hyperplasia” a condition referred to as “cobblestone” which is an enlargement of the abdomen as a result of cryotherapy treatments. I have encountered these patients who have permanent disfigurement as a result of cryotherapy treatments and have had to explain to them that there really is no effective treatment available to fully reverse or correct the condition.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I have more then 30 years of experience with body sculpting procedures and have thoroughly researched and tested all of the platforms on the market today. In fact, I conducted a two year study in partnership with Palomar at my clinic in Jacksonville, FL studying laser wave lengths and laser hand pieces. This resulted in Palomar Medical Technology naming me as the inventor one of their laser hand pieces prior to Cyanosure™ acquiring them in 2013. In addition to laser based fat reduction treatment, cryotherapy fat reduction was also considered during these trial studies.

During our two year evaluation and testing study, SlimLipo™ (LifeSculpt™) Dual Wavelength Laser Liposuction was identified as the safest and most effective body sculpting modality because of its ability to both melt fat better than any other tested laser, and tighten skin in the treated area. For these reasons and because there has been no recent advancements of this modality or any other that outperforms SlimLipo™ | LifeSculpt™, it remains the gold standard internationally and my preferred modality for reducing unwanted fat.

Over the past ten years, I have treated more than 1500 patients with SlimLipo and experienced no serious complications, little to no down time and superior results, after only one treatment. I have never been able to achieve the results I can achieve with SlimLipo | Lifesculpt, with and other modality. Additionally, SlimLipo is the most cost efficient minimally invasive fat reduction treatment for patients who are seeking treatment for more than a small or localized area treated.

in Closing, I would strongly advise patients interested in fat reduction procedures to consider all aspects of any procedure they may be interested in by researching not only its cost and downtime, but additional important aspects of treatments including pain, possible side affects, and of course the experience and of their surgeon.