Advanced Breast Reconstruction and Breast Revision Surgery with Silk Mesh Framework and Adult Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer!

Breast Revision Surgery is required in almost 30% of patients who have undergone breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, breast reduction and breast reconstructive surgery. Over time, changes in weight, physical stature and condition and position of the implants may result in an unattractive appearance of the breasts. Breast Revision Surgery can correct most of these problems when performed by a plastic surgeon who is experienced in the use of today’s most advanced techniques and medical technology.


At our practice in Jacksonville, I have had the honor of pioneering some of the most advanced techniques in breast revision surgery. I was one of the first plastic surgeons in the U.S. to integrate saline implants and the “peri-areolar” scarless incision. In addition I was one of the first plastic surgeons to combine the use of stem cell enriched fat grafting, Seri™ Silk mesh, surgical planning with 3D imaging, and the 410 gummy bear breast implant. My efforts have and always will be to perform the best possible surgery that provides each patient with natural and lasting results.

We are now taking our techniques to the next level with the use of “Seri™ Silk” mesh as a scafold for adult stem cells. We use this natural dissolving silk fabric with the adult stem cell enriched fat transfer. The “Adivive® fat processing system” safely compresses and filters the fat to dramatically increase the fat survival rate. In addition , our specialized SlimLipo™ lasers are capable of tightening and contouring the breast safely and without nerve damage or scarring. Each of these advanced technologies combine to safely eliminate imperfections and to reshape and return the breasts to their natural shape and condition.

Breast Implants Bottoming Out

The vast majority of plastic surgeons in the U.S. insert breast implants through a fold incision; the area below the breast where the breast meets the upper abdomen. Decades ago, I switched to peri-areolar incisions by placing my incision at the edge of the areola. In literally thousands of patients I have operated on, the vast majority of patients do not have a detectable scar nor nipple numbness or any issue with breast feeding. This approach also avoids common issues encountered with the fold incision such as the implant “Bottoming Out” due to compromises with the tissues that supports the fold. (See patient below.), This central peri-areola incision also avoids implant asymmetries, lack of cleavage and implant visibility .

Breast Revision by Dr. Lewis J. Obi

In the above example of the breast implant bottoming out, note the increased distance from nipple to fold on the left breast. Correction required replacement of the implant below the muscle and the use of Seri™ silk mesh to help rebuild the thickness of the breast tissue to produce more naturally shaped breasts with the fold restored.


Twenty years after her original breast augmentation, the patient below developed sagging breasts, capsules, leakage and asymmetry. I performed breast revision surgery using a scarless breast lift technique. Her implants were replaced with Natrelle 410 style gummy bear implants through areolar incisions in the center of the breasts to avoid scars and side effects, and the SlimLipo™ laser was used to tighten and contour the shape of her breasts. The patient also elected to combine procedures and have her abdomen sculpted with the SlimLipo™ laser at the same time. The Vectra 3D imaging system was used and allowed the patient to see her results before the actual surgery was performed.


Breast Reconstruction

The below patient came to us after a tragic breast implant complication that resulted in the lost of her implant and a considerable amount of breast tissue as a result of a MRSA infection. With a complication such as this, plastic surgeons will generally default to traditional reconstruction techniques that typically require a 2-3 stage radical distant flap procedure where skin is harvested from the back or abdomen and used to rebuild the breast. I was able to avoid these radical procedures with the advanced technology mentioned above.

After a rapid expanding procedure, total reconstruction was performed with a combination of several technologies never before combined in a breast reconstruction including Seri™ silk mesh saturated with millions of adult stem cells, laser tightening of the left breast and abdomen, style 410 gummy bear implants, Adivive stem cell fat grafting and the Vectra XT 3D imaging system.



Non-Surgical Breast Reconstruction After Lumpectomy

The patient below underwent a lumpectomy and irradiation for cancer of the left breast. The patient avoided reconstructions for eight years because her other plastic surgeons recommended invasive flaps from the back or abdomen. I was able to non surgically reconstruct her with some of our advanced techniques. This included adult stem cell enriched fat grafted to the left breast and a scarless SlimLipo™ laser breast lift for the right breast. This restored breast symmetry and contour without surgery and a minimal recovery time.


If you have developed any issues with your breast implants or are a person requiring breast reconstruction or augmentation, contact us for consultation and free 3D imaging. All contact inquiries will be answered even before you decide on a consult.