Tuesday July 28th, 2015

Introducing –MOMMY TAKE OVER” by Dr. Lewis Obi

The term –Mommy Make Over” was presented initially as a marketing tool designed to correct adverse bodily changes occurring as a result of pregnancies. These changes often are associated with a net weight gain that is not responsive to traditional plastic surgery procedures. Essential components of the so called –Mommy Make Over” includes a –Tummy Tuck” and Breast Implants. Liposuction is often added to this combination. In many mothers, especially the ones that are still obese, this is not only a risky combination of procedures but also expensive, incurs a long recovery time and produces less than optimal results. The key to safety and success with these procedures is to provide patients with options that are safe, less invasive, less expensive and with less downtime. Also, weight loss prior to an abdominoplasty is very important in terms of safety and successful results.

Dr. Lewis Obi has established a new paradigm for the –MMO” which begins with a totally non-surgical minimally invasive approach and only 1-2 days down time. He was one of the clinical pioneers of Palomar’s SlimLipo laser platform and the first to perform the scarless breast lifts. At the same time, excess fat may be converted to a stem cell enriched fat graft to augment a laser lifted breast or to perform a –3D Spacelift of the Face” i.e. non-surgical OPERA Lift. Prior to surgery, Vectra 3D camera imaging may be performed to see results before surgery.

Mother’s that are not overweight and have loose muscles and skin are good candidates for a safely performed abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). However patients with a BMI above 30, SlimLipo along with breast/thigh procedures may be safely performed all at once. Progressive skin tightening long term (6-12 months) only occurs after SlimLipo laser tightening. Therefore subsequent weight loss is synergistic with this treatment and may eliminate the need for an abdominoplasty. This is what Dr. Obi refers to as a –Mommy Take Over” that breaks aways from traditional –Mommy Make Over” techniques.

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