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dr. LEWIS obi launching new website on September 3, 2015

Thursday August 13th, 2015

dr lewis obi

Photo taken in May 2015 for Jacksonville Magazine

Three months after launching his new Pangenics Regenerative Center website, Dr. Lewis Obi will be launching a totally new website for his plastic surgery practice. The portable friendly website will have a new look consistent with Dr. Obi’s evolving professional growth. The launch date of 9/3/15 happens to be Dr. Obi’s birthday and begins a new era of growth for his practice. The highlights of his past accomplishments will be a tough act to follow.

As with all professional websites, the new site will include a bio page: –About Dr. Lewis Obi” and his accomplishments to date:

Dr. Lewis Obi continues to bring patients the most advanced and innovative techniques and technology in the world of plastic surgery. His clinical acumen combined with his artistic skills is reflective in every procedure. Dr. Obi is unique among his colleagues in that he is pioneering stem cell research and clinical applications in plastic surgery. He was named as the inventor of a laser platform for Palomar and continues in the development of non-invasive laser treatments as well as 3D imaging assessments. All of these advanced achievements have provided his patients with extraordinary results.

Dr. Obi wrote the chapter on the face in the first major book ever published on the use of stem cells in Aesthetic Surgery (Springer 2014). This led to his founding of Pangenics Regenerative Center which provides regenerative stem cell therapies in partnership with Dr. David Heekin, Dr. Orlando Florete and Dr. Kenneth J. Eaddy.

In collaboration with a major medical laser manufacturer (Palomar), Dr. Obi helped to introduce a new laser liposuction platform: SlimLipo (LifeSculpt). SlimLipo is perhaps the most advanced laser system to remove fat and tighten skin. This method is much less invasive than other techniques, results in a quicker recovery time and is performed without general anesthesia. He was also named as an inventor of a laser based cellulite platform.

Career Highlights & Major Achievements

Pharmacist – As a licensed pharmacist before and during medical school. Dr. Lewis Obi developed an extraordinary insight into pharmacology and organic chemistry which paved the way for his work with stem cells.

Military – Served in both the U.S. Marine Corps and the U. S. Navy during two major wars.