Tuesday July 21st, 2015

Plastic Surgery News (PSN) is a major information source that highlights the latest developments in the world of plastic surgery. Today’s article features plastic surgeons who represent both the academic and clinical sides of our specialty. As a board certified plastic surgeon in good standing for more than four decades, I have been privileged to be part of this great specialty. As I had shared in a previous blog, plastic surgeons have always been in the forefront of tissue science and engineering. The first successful kidney transplant was performed by Dr. Joseph Murray of Boston in 1954 and he was a plastic surgeon (Nobel Laureate in 1990). The use of fat has evolved from a simple volume filler to the most advanced stem cell research capable of replacing almost every tissue type in the body. American plastic surgeons Dr. Peter Rubin, Dr. Sydney Coleman and Dr. Roger Khouri have spearheaded research in this area. However, my work has taken me to Asian plastic surgeons including Dr. Kotora Yoshimura (Suzanne Somers) and Dr. Hee Young Lee (Medikan™) who are in the forefront of stem cell science. Integration of their technology led to the founding of Cell Surgical Network by co founders Dr. Elliot Lander and Dr. Mark Berman. Our CSN of Florida concept has propelled my clinic into the forefront of stem cell therapies.

Most of the above procedures are now performed in our 12,000 square foot AHCA licensed facility & tracked by our CSN IRB.

Today’s PSN News article goes on to review the future of adipose derived stem cells in the area of regenerative surgery. In my opinion, what we are doing today at CSN is a preview of what’s to come. Last month I shared my vision of the future with my CSN colleagues at our annual symposium.
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