Jacksonville Florida Plastic Surgeon; Dr. Lewis J. Obi is a recognized pioneer and seasoned specialist in the area of body sculpting and contouring. In a recent discussion with colleagues, Dr. Obi shared his opinions and experience with different body sculpting treatments including traditional liposuction, CoolSculpting™, SlimLipo™ and others.

“Most are aware of how traditional liposuction is performed; excess or unwanted body fat is suctioned from the treatment areas using a cannula, a slim, sharp vacuum wand attached to a vacuum unit. While effective, traditional liposuction is an invasive procedure that typically causes extensive bruising, extended recovery times of two or more weeks, and carries a greater risk of complications.”

“Another new approach to body sculpting and contouring that claims to non-invasively remove unwanted fat is CoolSculpting™. A massive marketing campaign by the manufacturers of CoolSculpting refers to how this new treatment freezes fat away without the need for invasive surgery. The flaws with cool sculpting is that only superficial fat may be liquefied with it’s cryo system, and because the liquefied fat that becomes oil is not removed, CoolSculpting™ is prone to pain, swelling and long term nodularity; a lumpy, uneven appearance of the skin’s surface in the treated areas. Patient’s have also reported needing multiple treatments to achieve the results they desired. We have seen a large number of patients who have expressed an interest in SlimLipo™ after experiencing either adverse or minimal results with CoolSculpting™.”

“Early on I reviewed SmartLipo™ with wave lengths not well absorbed by fat but by water resulting in dangerously high tissue temperatures. Dr Brooke Seckel of Boston scientifically displayed this difference between SlimLipo and SmartLipo in a 2008 Youtube video.  This video convinced me to choose SlimLipo™ over SmartLipo. Vaser™ uses ultrasound to break up and dissolve fat but like SmartLipo™, there were concerns regarding safety and efficacy. While each of these systems were less invasive and did reduce fat, they did not compare with the extreme safety and efficacy of the SlimLipo Laser Liposuction system.”

“In my extensive use of the SlimLipo™ Laser, I have found it to be the most effective in its primary objective which is to melt and remove fat. The added advantage of the SlimLipo™ laser is the additional laser wavelength that also allows the SlimLipo™ laser to tighten the skin as it melts and removes the underlying fat. This laser allows me to effectively contour, shape and lift as necessary more effectively than any laser I have used, and I can do so in one treatment. My patients are very happy with their results and are able to return to work within 1 to 2 days after their treatment, regardless of the size or number of treated areas.”

Dr Obi is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience who for decades has helped develop, researched and used all of the major modalities of liposuction and body sculpting. In fact, while working with Palomar Medical Technology, the Boston laser manufacturer that introduced SlimLipo™ in 2008, Dr Obi was credited as an inventor of a research laser device. In addition, he was one of the primary providers and trainers for the SlimLipo™ system and has lectured extensively at symposiums in the U.S and around the world.

After helping to develop the dual frequency SlimLipo™ System almost ten years ago, Dr. Obi has performed more than 1500 SlimLipo™ treatments that have resulted in a high patient satisfaction rating and no serious complications.

Fees for SlimLipo™ vary greatly because patients can elect to have a small area such as the face or neck treated, up to multiple areas and even their entire body. Smaller areas like the neck begin at $2500. The average fees for large or multiple areas range between $6,000 and $9,000. And the entire body may be treated for less than $10,000.