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The Extraordinary Benefits of SlimLipo “Lifesculpt”, Exclusively at Obi Plastic Surgery!

Men and women today lead hectic lives, especially when when you add in raising children. While our promotion usually focus on women, this month we have created a special that focuses on the men and fathers out there.

Men who lead active business and social lives and fathers who do the same and help raise the kids quite often push exercise and fitness to the back of the line. And they also know that after years of this fast paced lifestyle, turning back time and returning to their fit youthful days can be difficult, especially when they’ve reach middle-age. However, that certainly doesn’t mean they are not interested in maintaining their appearance. Enter, “The Daddy Do-Over”. A group of plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments designed to wipe away years and the affects of aging for men.

Similar to the Mommy Make Over, the Daddy Do-Over typically addresses Eyelids and Brows and the body. Procedures such as Tummy Tuck, and Dr. Obi’s Exclusive SlipLipo are used to slim and contour the abdomen, sides and back, and also pectoral area; a procedure know as gynecomastia.

Dr. Lewis Obi has been in the forefront of the most advanced lasers which led to his innovative uses of fat derived stem cells. Combined with his accumulated skills and innovations, Daddy Do-Overs may now be performed with less cost, less down time and significantly enhanced results. Unique at the Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic, the Daddy Do-OverĀ  includes body sculpting and neck tightening with the SlimLipo Laser; Non Surgical Face Lifts, (OPERA Lift) performed with large volume stem cell fat (Adiviveā„¢); Scarless LJO brow lifts usually performed with upper eyelid surgery and the option of conscious sedation.

SlimLipo “LifeSculpt” for the Abdomen

The before and after images below offer an example of how Dr. Obi’s advanced body sculpting techniques dramatically reduced unwanted fat and sculpted this patient back to his former self.

Tummy Tuck for Men at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville

The combination of weight loss and total SlimLipo body tightening are synergistic. SlimLipo recovery period is only 1 to 2 days.

SlimLipo “LifeSculpt” for the Chest

Men young and old sometimes experience excess fat build-up in the pectoral area that is not proportional to the rest of their torso areas. When this becomes an issue for a man, SlimLipo of the chest can be performed to reduce this unwanted fat and contour the area to a much more natural appearance. SlimLipo for the chest can be performed at the same time as abdominal SlimLipo Treatment and costs are thus reduced by combining procedures.

Male Breast Reduction

SlimLipo “LifeSculpt” for the Neck

Lipo for the Neck - Slimlipo at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville

Another common problem area for men is the accumulation of fat in the neck below the chin. This is almost always associated with excess skin. The traditional treatment for reducing unwanted fat in the neck is Kybella Injections. Kybella (keoxycholic acid) is a man-made form of a substance your body makes that absorbs fats. Deoxycholic acid slowly destroys fat cells. However, multiple treatments of Kybella are required, and Kybella Treatments are painful, they create bruising and are costly. And at the end of all that, the results of Kybella Treatments are typically minimal.

SlimLipo “Lifesculpt” on the other hand is a dramatically better approach for a number of reasons. One SlimLipo treatment of the neck almost always eliminates fat in one treatment and significantly tightens neck skin. SlimLipo is not painful and performed with local anesthetic, causes little to no bruising, has a fast recovery period of a only day or two, the results are immediate and predictable, and finally, SlimLipo “LifeSculpt” is less expensive than Kybella Treatments.

Watch the Daddy Do-Over Video

How to Schedule a Consultation for SlimLipo

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Obi is easy! Simply call the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic at (904) 399-0905 or Click Here to fill out a short online form and a member of Dr. Obi’s staff will contact you to schedule a convenient time for you to meet with Dr. Obi and discuss how SlimLipo might be right for you.

The Exclusive OperaLift, LJO Browlift, and Upper Eyelid Surgery

Loss of fat and muscle in the face often produces a gaunt look with loose skin as men ease into their silver years. Surgical facelifts and eyelid surgery has been the traditional method of treatment for this condition in males and can be performed without noticeable scars or distortion. However this invasive procedure can be avoided with less “surgical tightening” through the use of the patient’s own processed fat. Dr. Obi pioneered a technique he calls “OperaLift” where the patient’s own unwanted body fat is processed and transferred to the patient face to create volume in sunkin areas of the face, eyes and temple that appear as we age. Combining this technique with the LJO Browlift and SlimLipo for the neck can turn back years of aging and give men and women a much more youthful appearance.

The OperaLift technique garnered so much attention from Dr. Obi’s colleagues and plastic surgeons around the world, he was asked to contribute to the first textbook ever written on the use of Stem Cell Enriched Fat in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The before and after photos below are of a 72 year old male who had also previously had Dr Obi performan LJO brow lift plus upper and lower eyelid surgery.

The LJO brow lift with upper eyelid surgery typically only requires 5 to 7 days down time. SlimLipo of the neck only requires 1-2 days downtime.

Eyelid Surgery for Men at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville

Our Vectra 3D Consultation; See your Results before Surgery!

Free Consultations with Vectra 3D Imaging for men in August! Take advantage of this special offer by scheduling your consultation today for a Total Face and Neck Lift with LJO Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Adivive Stem Cell Fat Transfer with PRP, (Platelet Rich Plasma). Call (904) 399-0905!