Thursday, August 22nd, 2013


I am amazed but not surprised with my patients response when any mention of fat is suggested as part of their facial procedures: –my friend had Dr. X inject her with fat and none of it took”. The patient pictured above is now two years post Cell Assisted Lipotransfer (CAL) which is the most advanced technique of fat grafting.

Since January of 2011 I have provided Adivive treatments to approximately 200 patients with significant take in 90% of patients treated. More recently the addition of PRP and CAL has not only increased the long term volume retained but has significantly reduced bruising and down time.

Adivive, CAL and PRP is now used in the majority of traditional face lift and eye lid surgery procedures to produce a prolonged natural youthful look and reduce the need for future synthetic fillers.

Typical results after LJO brow lift and eyelid surgery enhanced with adipose derived stem cells (Adivive plus PRP).

In terms of total body aesthetics as well as fee reduction (up to 50%), SlimLipo of the donor site is often performed at the same time.

This patient had her abdomen and face treated on a Wednesday and back to work on Monday.

Very pleased patient who underwent total face lift, LJO brow lift and eyelid surgery and recently had Adivive/PRP to face after weight gain. Post Adivive pictures will be posted after her next visit.

We have been researching the application of adipose derived stem cells in the area of regenerative and therapeutic uses for three years. We are now a participating IRB member of the Cell Surgical Network of California and will extend our technology to other specialties in the near future.

Lewis J. Obi

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