Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Unfortunately, the general public equates plastic surgery strictly with cosmetic surgery procedures. As a plastic surgeon, I have perhaps performed more corrective eye surgery procedures than the vast majority of plastic and or opthalmologic surgeons in the U.S. My main contribution has been the recognition and most effective treatment of sagging brows, –The LJO Brow Llft&trqde;” which avoids a –deer in the headlights” distortion. Medicare and most insurance policies pay for upper eyelid/brow ptosis surgeries if the visual compromise is documented by peripheral visual field testing by an eye doctor.

The above patient is a good example of combining a gentle –LJO” lift of the outer brow with a precise reduction of redundant upper eyelid skin. These procedures rarely result in any noticeable scars and most patients return to work in five days. Since I innovated the LJO procedure more than 30 years ago, I have successfully treated more than 3000 patients with this combined technique. Unfortunately, removing only upper eyelid skin increases the sag of the outer brow and if too much skin is removed from the upper lids, dry eye syndrome may occur post operatively.

One of the most common procedures that I perform on my male patients is a combination of the LJO brow lift and eyelid surgery. Although insurance does not cover lower eyelid surgery, the patient may save up to 50% of the fee for the lower lids if performed with the upper lid surgery. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia with minimal sedation and only mild discomfort. As reflected by my fellow Marine pictured above, our eyes are windows to our soul and therefore flattered that he chose me as his plastic surgeon. Semper Fi!

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