The Most Advanced Laser Lipo Available; The SlimLipo™ Body Sculpting Laser by Palomar. Exclusively at Obi Plastic Surgery.

This week we are continuing with Body Sculpting and Body Contouring by Dr. Lewis J. Obi.

Since women and men alike are often concerned with their appearance and maintaining a shapely or toned body, it’s no surprise that we hear so many advertisements for quick, inexpensive, or painless ways to quickly remove excess or unwanted body fat and tone your stomach, thighs, and even neck. With the myriad of options available, it’s hard to tell which option is the right solution for one’s own unique needs. For this reason, we would like to share the incredible results that are now possible via the Palomar SlimLipo Laser coupled with the cosmetic surgical experience of Dr. Lewis J. Obi at Obi Plastic Surgery.

It is worth noting that Dr. Lewis J. Obi has led the cosmetic surgery industry for years in the introduction and development of numerous advanced techniques and equipment. His reputation as such has led to partnerships with a variety of medical equipment manufacturers. More specifically, Palomar and the SlimLipo Laser.

First, let’s look at what most know as traditional liposuction. Traditional liposuction is performed mechanically with a large metal tube known as a Canula that removes fat with a vacuum tubing. While there are numerous styles and brands of liposuction equipment used by plastic surgeons today, this form of traditional liposuction is still performed the same way it has been for decades. For the record, Dr. Obi views this form of liposuction as obsolete because it results in unnecessary and excessive bruising and and the recover period is usually over a week.

In the hands of a skilled surgeon, traditional liposuction can produce the desired results of removing unwanted or excessive body fat. However, there are limitations to the areas of the body where this form of liposuction can be used, and because of the way the fat is removed, the patient must be under general anesthesia, and will experience days and weeks of bruising, pain, (that must be managed with medication) and time off work to fully recover.

The Advantage of “Laser” Liposuction!

SlimLipo™ is considerably different from traditional liposuction, ultrasonic methods such as Vaser, and even from other laser technologies including SmartLipo.

SlimLipo™ is performed using a laser wand, not a blunt metal tube, therefore much less trauma. The laser wand is inserted through a small incision where fat is to be removed, and the laser actually melts the fat into a solution that is absorbed by the body rather than suctioning it out. As a result SlimLipo™ is a much less aggressive method of removing unwanted fat that is less stressful to the body, causes little to no bruising, does not require general anesthesia, and offers patients a quick recovery wherein patients can return to work within 2 days.

Which Laser Lipo is the Best?

While there are differences in the lasers such as the cost of the equipment and what wavelength of light they use, when considering laser lipo you should give careful consideration to the experience of the plastic surgeon. Some lasers are more powerful than others and use higher, (hotter) wavelengths that can cause burns if used incorrectly.

As we mentioned earlier, lipo lasers use different laser wavelengths to melt fat and tighten skin. What differentiates the effectiveness of the four primary lipo lasers is their wavelength and how fat is heated and dissolved by their respective wavelength.

The information below explains why the Palomar SlimLipo™ Laser is clearly the safest and most efficient fat heating and melting laser.

SlimLipo Laser Lipo

SlimLipo™ uses a patented wavelength of 924 and 975 nano-meters. After 10 years of research, Palomar concluded that 924 nano-meters is the most effective wavelength for safely heating and dissolving fat. The 974 nano-meters wavelength gives SlimLipo™ the ability to safely tighten the skin surface of the treated area, (the horizontal surface of the skin) and the Septa, (the vertical strands that attach the skin to the sub-dermal fat and muscle).

SmartLipo Laser Lipo

SmartLipo uses a higher wavelength of 1064 nano-meters. 1064 is not an optimal wavelength for heating and dissolving fat. The 1064 nano-meter wavelength actually targets water more so than fat.

LipoTherm Laser Lipo

Similar to SmartLipo, LipoTherm uses a higher wavelength of 976 nano-meters. The 976 Wavelength also targets water more so than fat.

CoolLipo Laser Lipo

CoolLipo uses a 1320 nano-meter wavelength. Again, a wavelength that targets water more so than fat.

The graph below shows which wavelengths most effectively heat and dissolve fat. Note that SlimLipo™ uses the most effective wavelength at 927 nano-meters.


Laser Lipo Comparison

Courtesy of Dr. Brooke Seckel

Dr. Seckel’s video explains how the SlimLipo™ Laser heats and melts more effectively than any other laser.

Why SlimLipo is better than SmartLipo

Where can I get SlimLipo?

Almost exclusively at Obi Plastic Surgery. The SlimLipo™ Laser was introduced in 2007 by Palomar after completing clinical trails with Dr. Lewis J. Obi. Dr Obi was then asked to head up training and certification for other physicians on the proper use of this new laser. However, soon after the SlimLipo™ laser was introduced, Palomar along with all of it’s patents and technology was purchased by a competitor who closed the company and ended sales and manufacturing of the SlimLipo Laser. Dr. Obi and a handful of surgeons around the country are among the only plastic surgeons in the United States who own and perform SlimLipo Laser Lipo procedures today.

Amazing Results!

The Palomar SlimLipo™ Laser is very diverse allowing Dr. Obi to perform Laser Lipo in common areas such as the abdomen and thighs, but also in delicate are around the neck. In the end the SlimLipo’s delivers the safest most effective fat reduction and skin tightening without general anesthesia, bruising, pain or a long recovery. It is a truly amazing laser that Dr, Obi has used to treat over 1300 patients and counting.

SlimLipo for the Neck Area

Neck Lipo with SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)

SlimLipo for the Tummy or Abdomen

Tummy Lipo with SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)

SlimLipo for the Waist and Back

Waist Lipo with SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)

SlimLipo for the Thighs

Thigh Lipo with SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)