It’s often said that the eyes are –“the windows to the soul”. It is therefore paramount, as plastic surgeons, that we maintain a sacred covenant with our eyelid surgery patients. One of the earliest aspects of facial aging occurs near the eyes. This type of procedure was also Dr. Lewis Obi’s first experience with plastic surgery. Excess upper eyelid skin and puffy lower lids result in a tired look for patients. Unfortunately, most of the tra-ditional cosmetic eyelid procedures are excessive and may result in a distorted “deer in the headlights” appearance. Early Obi’s career he in-novated the “LJO brow lift” which only lifts the tail or outer brow to dimin-ish the lateral upper lid hooding. This 10 minute procedure avoids the vast array of forehead and endoscopic lifts that often result in permanent distortion. More recently, Dr. Obi discovered advanced methods that naturally restore volume to empty orbits (eye sockets) which reverses the sunken look typical of the aged eyes. The patient pictured below is a re-sult of combining the “LJO” brow lift and eyelid surgery along with stem cell enhanced fat grafting. This combination of services is unique to Dr. Lewis Obi’s practice.


These procedures may be performed with minimal sedation as well as limited cost and patient downtime. It there is any risk of compromising the patient’s peripheral field of vision, there may be some insurance cover-age. Cost ranges from $3,000 – $5,500 and may be less if performed with other procedures.

brow-lift-before brow-lift-after

The combination of the scar-less LJO brow lift and upper eyelid surgery is unique to Dr. Lewis Obi as he invented this combination. It provides patients with optimal and natural results without distortion and without dry eye syndromes, as it avoids excessive upper eyelid skin excision. Dr. Lewis Obi is also one of the few plastic surgeons consistently providing excellent results with the most challenging lower blepharoplasties as noted in the above patients. Patients generally return to work in one week.