CSN Annual Meeting

Dr. Lewis Obi presents at CSN in
Los Angeles

Thursday July 24th, 2014

Dr. Lewis Obi is scheduled to present his results with adult stem cells to his 42 affiliates at the annual meeting of Cell Surgical Network. At the end of 2010, Dr. Obi was awarded the first FDA approved Lipokit/Adivive Fat Processing Unit which was developed by Dr. Hee Young Lee of South Korea. Dr. Lee along with Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura of Tokyo together have advanced the use of adipose derived stem cells perhaps more than any other plastic surgeons worldwide. Dr. Yoshimura traveled to Los Angeles at the end of 2011 to assist Dr. Joel Aronowitz reconstruct Suzanne Somers breasts with her own stem cell fat. In July of the same year, Dr. Obi performed his first CAL (Cell Assisted Lipotransfer) procedure that was introduced by Dr. Yoshimura in 2008.

Dr. Obi & Dr. Yoshimura

Dr. Lewis Obi & Dr. Yoshimura Boston 2011

Dr. Hee Young Lee and Dr. Obi are among dozens of authors who contributed to one of the most important medical books published this year on the uses of adult stem cells.

Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures

In the United States, Dr. Elliot Lander and Dr. Berman spearheaded the use of adult stem cells to treat a multitude of disease almost four years ago. Subsequently they founded the California Stem Cell Treatment Center (now Cell Surgical Network). Shortly afterwards Dr. Lewis Obi became an affiliate member and performed his first therapeutic cases a year ago. Yesterday the website for Cell Surgical Network of Florida was launched.

Cell Surgical Network of Florida


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