Advanced techniques for Breast Revisions and Body Sculpting by Lewis J. Obi at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville.

Frequent Patient Questions:

Because Dr. Lewis Obi is a plastic surgeon who is constantly exploring new and less invasive techniques in plastic surgery. As a result, he has many unique procedures at his disposal. Today’s plastic surgery patients are paying much more attention to these new methods in their quest for less invasive and less expensive procedures that off as little down time as possible.

Every week my practice receives dozens of new patient inquiries from our web site from potential new patients asking for information on the extraordinary approaches to plastic surgery that either deliver excellent results and unfortunately correct or revise previous surgeries.

One very common complaint we often hear from new patients is:

“The plastic surgeon who performed my breast augmentation has had to revise my surgery three times and I am still unhappy with my breasts. They are too large, uneven and hard”


Unfortunately I continue to see numerous patients that are unhappy with their breast augmentations. The national breast augmentation re-operation rate is approaching 30%. And the above complaint is the most common complaint. One patient in particular had large saline implants inserted through a fold incision with two subsequent additions of saline within two years. I had to remove the implants which were overinflated and replace them with silicone gel implants, behind the muscles of the chest. I reduced and tightened the excess skin caused by over inflation with my Slim Lipo laser (scarless breast lift) platform. Her breasts had hardening is the result of “Capsular Contracture”, which is the formation of scar tissue around the implant, (Not the actual implant becoming hard, a common misconception). When we replaced the implants, we also removed this scaring which eliminated the hardening of her breasts. The cost for this revision was partially covered by insurance.

My Advice to patients seeking breast augmentation:

Ask that your implant be placed below all four muscles. This help keep the implant in place and prevents it from dropping. This will also allow for any future removal of lumps that may be necessary in the future, and also prevents rippling due to the implant being too close to the surface skin of the breast.

Aerolar Insertion of the implant can help prevent nipple numbness and numb areas of the breast because it lessens the possibility of nerve trunk damage that is possible with fold incisions, (under the breast) and armpit incisions which are more exposed to bacteria.

Another common complaint I often hear is:

“My breasts have been operated on four times with 3 deflation’s of the saline implants. My skin is now very thin and the implants are very low and wide apart.”


Unfortunately, I have seen numerous patients who present with this issue. Until the advent of silk mesh (Seri™), SlimLipo™ and Adivive™, recovery from this severe deformity was quite difficult. Most of these patients require repositioning the chest wall muscles and/or the use of silk mesh (biodegradable) to thicken the breast skin. I believe I was the first to use Seri™ Silk as an off label use as a scaffold for adult stem cell enriched fat transfer to rebuild the thickness of the patients stretched and thinning skin. Many of patient who present with this issue also benefited from our Slim Lipo laser skin tightening that allows me to reshape and contour the breasts.