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Tuesday September 30th, 2014

410 Gummy Bear Implants, Stem Cells, Lasers, 3D Imaging
Silk Scaffolds & More
At the Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic

suzanne somers cell surgical network

The new paradigm in plastic surgery is the integration of many advanced tools available to plastic surgeons combined with cutting edge science that may not be available to patients for another decade. Last week’s blog was a preview of what regenerative medicine may offer our patients today. Suzanne Somers breast reconstruction in 2011 was an example of this advanced technology. Kotaro Yoshimura of Tokyo published the technique of Cell Assisted Lipotransfer (CAL) four years earlier in 2007. Using this technique, Dr. Joel Aronowitz was able to reconstruct Somers breast with her own fat and without the use of breast implants nor distant tissue flaps. I began using this technique about the same time as Dr. Aronowitz and my results will be released in a major textbook on stem cells next month Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures. Medicine is at a precipice in the area regenerative science unimaginable in recent years. Last week’s patient blog combines stem cells, new surgical scaffolds and advanced implant technology now available for our reconstructive patients.

breast reconstruction after cancer

Perhaps, the patient above was the first to benefit from the combination of all of these technologies (lasers, 410 implants, silk mesh and stem cells). With breast cancer patients, I am in agreement with most plastic surgeons, including Dr. Aronowitz, that adipose (fat) derived stem cells should not be used in patients until they are cancer free for at least five years.

non-surgical breast reconstruction

Pictured above is another example of a non-surgical breast reconstruction after lumpectomy and irradiation of her left breast for cancer 8 years prior. She otherwise would have had a traditional invasive latissimus dorsi or abdominal flap. Instead of several weeks of down time, this lady was back to work in a few days.

first stage breast reconstruction

Again, pictured above is a first stage reconstruction after a 20 year delay in a vigorous 75 year old retired nurse. She was extremely grateful to be back to a balanced lifestyle which provided her back tremendous relief. She was e