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a new paradigm for peri menopausal facial aging in women

Friday March 20th, 2015

–What happens to my face after age 40?”

Women in particular, begin noticing definite facial changes in their peri menopausal years (40-55). These changes are a result of hormonal decline, soft tissue loss and gravitational influences. Merely lifting the face vertically and horizontally results in a –lifted look” or a –wind tunnel” distortion. As an aesthetically oriented plastic surgeon, Dr. Lewis Obi has strived to achieve an aesthetic restoration of youth without these distortions. Within the last five years, major advances in plastic surgery is providing these younger patients facial rejuvenation –sooner rather than later” with dramatic and longer lasting results. Below is a patient of Dr. Obi’s in the first publication dedicated to the use of stem cells in aesthetic surgery. Merely restoring volume provides significant results in the deflated post menopausal face.

laser face lift results

There are also patients who are willing to make an investment in a more dramatic and lasting combination of procedures. These should be performed sooner rather than later to avoid intense scrutiny by friends. Dr, Lewis Obi is perhaps the best equipped as he has combined –lifting” with –filling” and –lasering” for a unique combination that is his trademark.

laser face lift before and after

The –lifting” utilizes a short incision in front of the ear that lifts the face and lateral neck without noticeable scarring. The –filling” utilizes a processed stem cell fat that Dr. Obi help pioneer (Adivive) and it does not result in a fat face! The –lasering” is another unique technology (SlimLipo) introduced by Dr. Lewis Obi. It provides a long term non surgical tightening of the neck. The –icing on the cake” is the –LJO Brow Lift” invented by Dr. Obi 30 years ago. It rejuvenates the brows and lids without the need for a forehead lift and avoids the –deer in the headlights” look.

laser brow lift

This combination of –Lifting, Filling and Lasering” falls into a fee range that is competitive with other proprietary procedures performed by a wide variety of cosmetic facial surgeons. Although Dr. Lewis Obi is the senior board certified –plastic surgeon”