The Art and Science of Facial Rejuvenation _ Part III The Brows and Forehead

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Blue Boy – M.Dawson – 1912
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At the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic
Part III – The Brows and Forehead

The final review of procedures and techniques to rejuvenate the face will focus on the brows and forehead. This comprises Leonardo Da Vinci’s upper third of the face which extends from the brow to the –widow’s peak” or the non-receded hairline. The most difficult area for plastic surgeons to deal with has been the brows. This is evident by the numerous brow lift techniques in our plastic surgery books and journals. Googling brow lift/forehead lifts results in 261,000 hits this is the quandary. Even the plastic surgery literature lists hundreds of articles and techniques that simply are too complicated, distort and/or ineffective.

What is inexplicably missing from the exhaustive list of publications dedicated to this subject is the LJO Brow Lift first introduced by Dr. Lewis Obi more than 30 years ago. He has treated more than 3000 patients during this period of time with very few complications and almost zero distortions.

Dr. Obi has presented and taught this technique to literally thousands of plastic surgeons worldwide. His vast experience allows him to execute the procedure in under 30 minutes with most patients returning to work in five days.

In between the brows and hairline are other concerns which include forehead lines, frown lines, soft tissue loss and diffuse sag of the forehead. Traditional forehead lifts and endoscopic lifts have largely been abandoned because they often result in permanent distortions. During the past ten years, Dr. Lewis Obi has addressed these forehead concerns with an array of techniques that range from temporary to more permanent solutions. Temporary solutions include the use of Botox™, synthetic fillers, lasers and chemical peels. More recent and permanent solutions include the use of stem cell concentrated fat grafting (Adivive™) and the Endotine forehead lift. These two techniques may be performed in combination with the LJO lift as well as all of the procedures described in our Facial Rejuvenation series.

In conclusion to our facial rejuvenation series presentations, an old adage that –Less is More” truly applies with most plastic surgery procedures since what we most fear is looking distorted. The natural look has been in vogue since the beginning of man’s quest for beauty.