Slim Lipo (LifeSculpt) & Adivive Top Two Technologies for Body Sculpting and Advanced Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Thursday November 12th, 2015

Dr. Lewis Obi attended the 11th Annual IFATS (International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science) this past week-end in New Orleans. His membership in IFATS is preceded by 30 years of work with adult fat as a major filler for the face, breasts, hands, buttocks, etc. In fact, four years ago, Dr. Obi contributed a chapter to the first book ever published on fat derived stem cells in aesthetic procedures. Dozens of papers were presented on this subject at last weeks IFATS meeting. However none of the presenters used the Adivive (Lipokit) technology published by Dr. Obi. Also, the simultaneous addition of PRP to the facial fat grafts was not mentioned at the meeting.

At the end of the IFATS meeting last Sunday, Dr. Obi traveled to San Diego where he presented his work at the International –Select Bio” meeting on –Clinical and Surgical Translation of Adult Stem Cells”.

Dr. Obi’s presentation received accolades from the audience which resulted in invitations to speak at major symposiums to be held in Bangkok, Sweden, Seoul, China and Boston. World famous bioprinter, Dr. Paul Gatenholm invited Dr. Obi to participate in a work shop at Chalmers University in Sweden in conjunction with a 3D Bioprinting symposium in Dr. Obi’s clinic.

Billions of dollars has been invested into this technology at major stem cell centers in the U.S. and abroad during the past decade. In spite of of this vast investment, no substantial clinical applications have resulted. The proposed collaboration between Chalmers and Dr. Obi may hasten the clinical introduction of printing body tissues and organs from the patients own stem cells. A tentative 3D Bioprinting symposium by Dr. Obi and Dr. Gaetenholm is planned for March.

PALOMAR’S Slim Lipo (LifeSculpt)

Another first that was introduced by Dr. Lewis Obi 7 years ago is the simultaneous SlimLipo body sculpting performed at the time of the stem cell facial fat grafting. The addition of non surgical laser neck tightening led to the introduction of the OPERA Lift by Dr. Obi almost five years ago. All of these procedures may be performed without general anesthesia at Dr. Lewis Obi’s licensed Samuel Wells Surgicenter. The safety record of the center is unsurpassed. Body sculpting with the SlimLipo platform has been performed on more than 1000 patients during the past seven years and with no major complications.