Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Slim Lipo before and after


(Feb 3, 2010)

Exactly four years ago, a press release was published stating that –This week Dr. Lewis Obi will have completed Life Sculpt treatments, with the Slim Lipo™ platform in 160 patients over a 14 month period.” We are now approaching 700 patients in more than 2500 anatomic zones after 62 monthsÄand with no major complications. During that period of time, I have presented at more than twenty major international symposia and national meetings. Since my first SlimLipo case in 2008, I have also introduced dozens of new techniques, technologies and recently transitioned into fat based cellular therapies.

AACS lewis J obi

February 2010/press release: –He has experienced unprecedented success and safety with this procedure as well as a high degree of patient satisfaction. Because of Dr. Obi’s leadership and expertise in this new technology, patients travel from distant national and international locations seeking these treatments. As the first plastic surgeon in Jacksonville and one of the first in the world, Dr. Obi has been on the cutting edge of this new technology.”

In addition to treating traditional areas such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms and neck, this new laser treatment has been a significant tool in the area of breast surgery. With larger breasts, Dr. Lewis Obi has been able to non-surgically achieve a one bra size breast reduction. Dr. Obi was the first to use SlimLipo™ in conjunction with breast enlargement procedures to minimize breast sag without extra incisions or scars.

gummy bear implant reduction replacement before and after

410 (gummy bear) implant replacement, SlimLipo Abdomen and breasts.

scarless breast laser reduction before and after

Scarless right breast laser reduction with SlimLipo

non-surgical breast reduction before and after

Non surgical breast reconstruction after lumpectomy/irradiation with SlimLipo & Adivive

Dr. Lewis Obi performs all of these procedures in his licensed ambulatory surgery center with a full complement of professional staffing. This highly protected operating room environment includes registered nurses, laser technicians and licensed surg