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–Aphrodites Dream” by Daniel


Plastic Surgery in the New Age


Tuesday August 26th, 2014

Aphrodites is a classical symbol of beauty in the ancient Greek world and I view her every day in my clinic. As a student of Daniel (b.1916 d.1988), he confirmed my belief that –Medicine’s contribution to art is, indeed, the art of plastic surgery”. With the recent advent of specialized lasers, stem cell science and 3D imaging, I have managed to be in the forefront of an effort to translate the art into a science. Even though all of this technology has enhanced the science, the artistry will always be an essential component of my work.

Below are a series of cases I recently performed with these new and novel scientific advances. In recent years, 3D imaging, stem cell enhanced fat grafting and lasers have propelled my practice into a new era, i.e. –Plastic Surgery in the New Age”. It has been my privilege to be on the forefront of many of these new scientific innovations. Below is a rhinoplasty (nose job) that I planned with the Vectra 3D camera system.

plastic surgery nose

Another –New Age” technology is the Cell Augmented Lipotransfer (CAL); adding autologous stem cells to fat, provides patients with a more predictable survival especially with large volume fat grafts. The patient pictured below displays enduring results in excess of three years.

CAL Facelift

In dealing with the aging face, traditional facelifts and eyelid surgery has always been part of my armamentarium. However, lifting and filling, rather than just tightening, provides patients with a more natural result.

CAL Facelift

Combining my proprietary –LJO” browlift with eyelid surgery and Adivive fat grafting in the above patient is but one example of aesthetic results unique to my practice. Addition of PRP reduces recovery time.

Below are also examples of what most of my patients seek when entrusting me with their eyelids. The LJO brow lift avoids the –deer in the headlights” distortion that often results from traditional endoscopic forehead lifts.

LJO Browlift Before and After LJO Browlift Before and After

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