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Local plastic surgeon gains fame as minimally invasive brow lift and stem cell eyelid rejuvenation featured in textbook

Jacksonville based plastic surgeon Dr. Lewis Obi pioneered the LJO brow lift in 2011. The 10 minute procedure offers amazing results with minimal recovery time.

Monday September 14th, 2015

In 2011, Dr. Lewis Obi was requested to share his 30 years of experience in the area of minimally invasive brow and eyelid rejuvenation in a chapter for a proposed book by Dr. Melvin Shiffman. Over a period of almost one year, Dr. Obi completed chapter 29 of the first book ever published on –Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures”.

specialized stem cell fat transfer to face opera lift

In addition to specialized fat transfer techniques, Dr. Lewis Obi integrated the use of his 10 minute LJO Brow lift procedure which he invented in 1980. To date he has applied this non distorting minimally invasive procedure in approximately 3500 patients without any serious complications. Below is an example of Dr. Obi’s OPERA Lift Plus which integrates the use of stem cell fat with surgical facial procedures. A total face/neck lift, LJO brow lift and large volume stem cell fat were employed in this patient with an 8 day post operative result displayed on the right side.

brow lift

Almost all of the mainstream brow lifting procedures performed by plastic surgeons carry a risk of irreversible distortion and scarring. After 35 years of performing his LJO brow lift procedure, Dr. Lewis Obi continues with new techniques and innovations such as the non surgical 3D stem cell face lift as seen in the first patient above.

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