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Tuesday December 2nd, 2014

Recently published author and plastic surgeon Dr. Lewis Obi has been on the forefront of body sculpting and non surgical facial rejuvenation since 2008. One of the first plastic surgeons to introduce Palomar’s Slim Lipo™ laser sculpting system, Dr. Obi has now treated more than 700 patients with this new technology. Patients experience minimal discomfort and return to work within one to two days. Every year after Thanksgiving, patients who are wanting to shed 10 to 30 pounds take advantage of our reduced December/January fees. Significant skin tightening continues for six months after Slim Lipo treatments and it is therefore synergistic with weight loss. We are the only provider of this system in Jacksonville and the leading Slim Lipo clinic in the U.S. with no serious complications. We treated breasts, abdomen and thighs in the patient below who suffered a complication from her mastectomy and breast reconstruction at another facility. Note the significant breast, abdomen and thigh tightening from our Slim Lipo laser treatment. Stem cells from fat were used for her breast reconstruction.

concentrated stem cell fat transfers to breasts before concentrated stem cell fat transfers to breasts after

This year we are offering large savings for Slim Lipo procedures for multiple areas such as abdomen, thighs, arms and neck. Also, savings for concentrated stem cell fat transfers to the breasts and/or face and may be performed simultaneously. Only at our Cell Surgical Network stem cell center are we able to inject arthritic joints and perform Slim Lipo on the abdomen, thighs and neck with one treatment. It is also safe to perform the CAL (Cell Assisted Lipotransfer) procedure with joint injections. Dr. Orlando Florete and Dr. David Heekin are members of our CSN of Florida team and are our injectors.

dr. florete and dr. heekin

The sophisticated CAL technique of fat grafting provides our patients with a significant long term persistence of the the grafted fat. Although the international Springer publication –Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures” was only released two weeks ago, Dr. Lewis Obi’s wrote his chapter more than three years ago.

first book published on stem cells cell assisted lipotransfer

CAL is the acronym for Cell Assisted Lipotransfer and is a result of first extracting millions of stem cells from fat to fort