Monday, September 16th, 2013

In conjunction with the –New You” event to be held at our clinic on Thursday, September 26, we are presenting a list of unique opportunities for a number of plastic surgery procedures at a reduced rate. The reduced fees for these procedures will be honored through the end of October but there are limited surgery slots available. Most of these procedures may be performed with minimum downtime and the end results visualized on our Vectra XT imaging system prior to surgery.


With every breast augmentation, SlimLipo of abdomen and waist may be performed at a reduced fee of $2000 (usual fee is $5000).

Dr. Lewis Obi was to first to perform and present the scarless areolar/laser breast lift during breast augmentation almost five years ago. If this procedure is performed with breast implants with SlimLipo of the abdomen and waist, the additional fee is reduced to $1200. Therefore, the combination of silicone gel breast augmentation, areolar/laser breast lift and total SlimLipo laser treatment of the abdomen may be performed under one anesthetic for approximately $9000. This fee includes 3D imaging, licensed OR facilities, board certified anesthesiologist and with the most comprehensive track record of safety in the United States.

Examples of augmentation, scarless laser breast lift and abdominal tightening

Finally, with patients in good health, fat removed from the abdomen may be processed into Adivive/PRP/laser for a non surgical face and neck lift.

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