AACS 31st Annual Scientific Meeting

dr lewis obi presents at AACS national symposium in new orleans

Tuesday January 6th, 2015

Again this year, Dr. Lewis Obi is the lead speaker at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) next week in New Orleans. As in the past, his presentation is innovative and provocative in the area of regenerative surgery. During the past five years, Dr. Obi has combined sculpturing lasers, with fat derived stem cells, 3D imaging, new surgical scaffolds thereby paving the way for 3D stem cell printers as a future option.

stem cell procedure

3D printing medical breakthroughs 3D printing medical breakthroughs

Already at Cornel, Wake Forest and other advanced U.S. medical research centers, 3D printing of tissues and organs is becoming a reality. The ink for these printers is the patient’s live stem cells imbedded in biologically active scaffolds. Ears, bladders and heart valves have already been generated with 3D imaging and printing.

Currently, scaffolds used by Dr. Lewis Obi includes the patients own fat and PRP along with new synthetic biodegradable mesh’s. Pictured below is perhaps the first mastectomy patient in the U.S. to be treated with a combination of SlimLipo laser contouring, silk mesh scaffold saturated with millions of stem cells, PRP and gummy bear implants.

fat PRP mastectomy implants before and after

Dr. Obi’s New Orleans AACS presentation will also feature his patients in the recently published Springer book –Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures” i.e. The OPERA Lift. Combining stem cell facial fat grafting, PRP and laser tightening of the neck was introduced by Dr Lewis Obi as the OPERA Lift almost four years ago: ObiPalomarExternalRejuvenationEsthetics (OPERA Lift).

new customized facelift results stem cell transfer to the face

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