Dr. Lewis Obi and the Aesthetic Meeting 2013 in NYC

Monday, April 15th, 2013


This evening around 9 PM, I will complete four days of intense lectures, courses and presentations at our annual meeting of ASAPS. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons was founded in 1967 by several of my mentors and teachers and has grown to 2400 members internationally. This year I had 120 teaching courses to choose from and as many scientific presentations to attend. Today I will complete my visits with more than 200 technical and scientific exhibits.

In between these advanced comprehensive courses, multiple scientific sessions are conducted for members to attend. Fifteen totally new topics were presented by plastic surgeons world wide. Among the numerous courses I attended, the most exciting was in the area of fat grafting and stem cells. Currently, research laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh are performing advanced adult based stem cell studies in the area of regenerative and curative medicine. Plastic Surgeon Peter Rubin and Dr. Spencer Brown are heading up this stem cell center and I was privileged to attend their course yesterday. Today I will complete my studies, courses and meetings and return to Jacksonville tomorrow with my wonderful wife Myra.

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