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Tuesday November 18th, 2014

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Stem Cell Treatment Patient Reviews

Below are patients who participated in the Clinical Trials and Stem Cell Research that we are conducting in Jacksonville Florida at the Cell Surgical Network of Florida. The following feedback is from a number of our initial qualified candidates.

Bill Fronheiser – –Super satisfied SVF patient”

”I am a 68 year old who had a full hip replacement left hip in 2011,as well as arthroscopic surgery on both knees. I have had multiple injections in both knees with the last injections in early winter of 2013. I was informed by my orthopedic surgeon that the effects of the Synvisc injections were diminishing and that I should consider right knee joint replacement. I SAID NO! I then made contact with Dr. Lewis Obi to see if I was a candidate for the SVF and had stem cells and PRP injected in May of 2014 The RESULTS were miraculous immediately after the procedure and with no down time. I am very physically active and was able to resume training in 5 days. At vive 5 months post treatment I am having ZERO pain or discomfort in my left knee and ZERO pain or discomfort in right hand. Right knee dramatically improved with twinges of pain and discomfort occasionally but nothing as severe as prior to the injections. As it stands right now my treated joints are better than they were 20 years ago.”

Dr. Richard Labarre is a Chiropractic physician who heads up operations for 1-800 Ask Gary.

”I am a tall very busy upper level 71 year old Chiropractor with bone on bone arthritis of both knees. My Orthopedic assoc