Benefits of Stem Cells in a Fat Transfer

Tuesday November 4th, 2014

stem cells in aesthetic procedures

Below is information from Alberto Di Giuseppe who co-edited the newly released book –Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures”. This is the first major published medical book dedicated to the use of stem cells in aesthetic procedures. These benefits is the reason I began processing fat into stem cells almost four years ago:


  1. Grow new blood vessels to nourish the fat
  2. Release anti-inflammatory agents to aid healing
  3. Generate and release growth factors that support graft survival
  4. Improve skin tightening and rejuvenation
  5. No risk of allergic or adverse reaction
  6. A cutting-edge option used around the world today
  7. The therapeutic target is the reconstruction of autologous niches (our own body), by simply moving stem cell niches from one connective tissue in which they are abundant (fatty areas) into another in which they are scarce (face or breasts).

My chapter preceded Dr. Di Giuseppe”s with my OPERA Lift. Cell Augmented Lipotransfer (CAL) is unique to my practice in that my fat grafts are enhanced with pure stem cells. The first patient pictured is my OPERA Lift whereas the second set of photos reflect Dr. Di Giuseppes’s method (processed fat only).

fat transfer opera lift fat transfer opera lift

You may view our book on line by going to:


–Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures” is also available at Amazon

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