A Unique and Simple Approach to Body Enhancement During Weight Loss

Monday January 7, 2013

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As a sequel to our January 2013 Newsletter, Dr. Lewis Obi and The Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic would like to follow up on the lead story around body enhancement. In the U.S., two thirds of adults and almost one third of children are overweight or obese. There’s no denying that Americans are getting fatter. Running neck and neck with this weighty problem is a fast-growing trend _ weight loss surgery.

ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) states that: –Two hundred and twenty-thousand people had weight loss (bariatric) surgery in 2009, compared with just 17,000 in 1993.” As waistlines thicken, so do surgical options. Not only is there more weight loss surgery, but there is also more surgery following weight loss. Losing five to ten pounds is no problem, but if you undergo massive weight loss, either from weight loss surgery or dieting, you may be left with unattractive folds of sagging skin.

American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Patients may be surprised to learn the extent of plastic surgery that is required to bring their body back to a more normal and aesthetic appearance. –Most of these patients will need a total body lift. While surgeons may define this term somewhat differently, treatment most likely would include a tummy tuck, circumferential lower body lift, thigh and buttock lifts, removal of back rolls, breast lift and upper arm lift,” explains Iowa City, IA, plastic surgeon Al Aly, MD, who is featured in a panel discussion on body contouring after massive weight loss in the current issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the peer-reviewed journal of ASAPS. –Many patients will also need face and neck procedures to get rid of loose, hanging skin in these areas.”

Much of the loose skin that develops after significant weight loss may be prevented with SlimLipo procedures performed strategically. This concept first proposed by Dr. Lewis Obi more than four years ago has proven effective especially in avoiding loose neck skin and also redundant skin in the abdomen and waist. The unique effect of prolonged skin shrinkage that occurs after a SlimLipo treatment continues for six months or longer.

Slim Lipo Results

First SlimLipo performed by Dr. Obi 11/9/08 in 63 y/o

Slim Lipo Results

58 year old with unsuccessful previous liposuction after SlimLipo

Slim Lipo Results

Similar situation in 65-y