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A –NEW WAY” TO BRA DAYLasers, Stem Cells, Silk Scaffold, 410 Implants
3D Imaging & More

Wednesday October 15th, 2014

failed breast reconstruction before and after breast sculpture

The Combination Above is Unique to Dr. Lewis Obi’s Practice

BRCA+ patient presentation

Careful planning included 3D imaging, external and internal silk mesh and –gummy bear” implants followed by infusion of 50 million viable stem cells (counted) into the silk scaffold.

silk mesh / scaffold during breast surgery

Silk Mesh (Seri), 410 Implants, Adivive & SlimLipo

Injection of SVF with Blunt Cannula

Injection of Stromal Vascular Fraction (stem cells)

stem cell counter

Viable Stem Cells Counted

11 months after 2 stage procedure

In place of abdominal and back donor tissue site deformities, patient is sculptured and tightened with the Slim Lipo Laser
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B.R.A. Day
Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day
is October 15, 2014