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Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is the leading plastic surgery center in Jacksonville providing patients with world-class attention and care from
a nationally recognized expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. Under the direction of a renowned Jacksonville plastic surgeon, Dr. Lewis J. Obi,
our established Jacksonville plastic surgery center provides patients with cutting-edge cosmetic surgery technologies and aesthetic enhancements.

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Plastic Surgery Articles & Publications

Throughout his career, Dr. Obi, as well as Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic, has been the subject of several plastic surgery articles and publications. Here are several we've collected and would like to share.

A New You in the New Year

CSN of Florida Jacksonville Magainze

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Expert Guide - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery 2015

CSN of Florida Jacksonville Magainze

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CSN of Florida Jacksonville Magainze

Cell Surgical Network of Florida is in the clinical trial stage of being approved as a treatment center for diverse conditions in a variety of specialists.

Read More on Page 89.

stem cells in aesthetic procedures

The first book devoted to the aesthetic uses of stem cells was just released by Springer Publishing, international publishers of science and technology. Three years in preparation, it includes leading international researchers and physicians. Dr. Lewis Obi wrote the chapter on his technique of combining the use of stem cells, PRP and fat grafting with his innovative OPERA Lift and other advanced cosmetic facial surgeries.

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Dr. Lewis J. Obi again featured as the first
pictured physician in the June 2014 edition

LEWIS J. OBI M.D., A JACKSONVILLE NATIVE, graduated Cum Laude, Rho Chi and Phi Kappa Phi from the University of Florida, acquired a five year degree in three years. After working as a pharmacist he graduated Cum Laude and AOA from the University of Miami. Dr. Obi then completed his residencies in General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery with additional training in Cardiovascular Surgery.

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This month, Expert Guide based in London, focused on “Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery 2014” featuring leading plastic surgeons internationally. Editor in Chief James Drakeford stated “Cosmetic surgery is a huge global industry. It is believed that cosmetic surgery is the third most common reason for people taking out a loan (after mortgages and buying a car) while the industry itself is believed to be valued at around USD40 billion and is growing about 10 per cent annually.

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We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Lewis J. Obi is featured in the June 2013 issue of Jacksonville Magazine's "TOP DOCS". Click the links below to read the article at JacksonvilleMagazine.com.

Dr Lewis J Obi featured in June 2013 Jacksonville Magazine TOP DOCS Dr Obi Featured in June 2013 Jacksonville Magazine TOP DOCS Dr Obi Featured in June 2013 Jacksonville Magazine TOP DOCS Dr Obi Featured in June 2013 Jacksonville Magazine TOP DOCS

Dr. Lewis J. Obi was featured in the December 2012 issue of Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine's

"Best of 2012 - Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Surgeons." The two page article highlights Dr. Obi's cutting edge work with lasers and adult-derived stem cell procedures. Click on the image to download the PDF.

Florida's Pioneer Medical Society

DCMS - Florida's Pioneer Medical Society

 Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine's

Looking Your Best - A Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Written by the Experts, 2006

The following is an excerpt from the book Looking Your Best - A Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Written by the Experts which features a chapter composed by Dr. Obi. 2006

"Plastic Surgery? What exactly does this surgical specialty encompass and what are its origins? Is it a surgical subspecialty that is primarily centered around the use of artificial materials or does the term plastic have a more primitive origin? Plastos is derived from the Greek word meaning “to mold” or “give form.” However the term “plastic surgery” was not coined until 1818 by German surgeon Von Graefe in his book entitled Rhinoplastik. Plastic Surgeon Lewis Obi delved and investigated this query half a century ago when he became interested in the field of plastic surgery while serving with the Marines during the Korean War. His medical school paper entitled “History of Rhinoplasty - An Epitome of Plastic Surgery” was written in 1965 and is a short but comprehensive 5000 year review of the history of Plastic Surgery. As the word “plastos” implies, plastic surgery was founded on the principles of reconstructive surgery as opposed to the modern day assumption that plastic surgeons are primarily cosmetic surgeons...
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Aesthetic Warrior, 2011

Lewis J. Obi, MD, stays very active on plastic surgery's front lines
Written by Amy Di Leo

The following is an excerpt taken from the June 2011 issue of Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine

With a career that spans decades and includes military duty during two wars, Lewis J. Obi, MD, gives new meaning to the expression, "Never give up." With all he has achieved both in his career and through his myriad hobbies—which includes art collecting, marathon running, and martial arts—some might stop or at least slow down, but not this Jacksonville, Fla, physician. As a teacher, trainer, lecturer and researcher of new technologies, this veteran board-certified plastic surgeon, who started out a high school dropout, is just beginning.

A young Lewis Obi was bored in school, didn't attend much, and instead found a way to bring home money to help support his family—his mom, dad, five brothers, and two sisters...
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Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty, Issue 57, August – October 2012

In the Name of Medicine & Art, 2007

A Collection of Lewis Obi, MD
Written by Elizabeth Sekine

Excerpt taken from North Florida Doctor Magazine - March 2007 Issue
Lewis J. Obi believes medicine is truly an art and of all the various specialties plastic surgery stands out as symbolizing medicine’s contribution to art. For more than four decades the cover of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has featured art with informative narrations. The father of modern medicine, Sir William Osler, proposes “A way of life” in his lecture to the graduating class of 1913 at Yale University. Dr. Obi cites Osler’s treatise as an assertion that physicians should live their lives in an artful way. Osler further stated that, “The practice of medicine is an art, based on science.”

Dr. Obi, a Jacksonville plastic surgeon, has always strived to live life and perform his craft in an artful way. His attempts at defining what art is or means have been diverse and numerous. Dr. Obi quotes one of his favorite artists, American Modernist Manierre Dawson...
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Semper Fi, 2008

Distinguished plastic surgeon and art collector credits the Marine Corps for teaching him skills necessary for combat and compassion.
Written by Dr. Lewis Obi

Excerpt taken from Jacksonville Magazine's 904 - March/April 2008 Issue

"The best deal I ever made was pleading my service to America and enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. Not only did I have the honor of defending the greatest country in the world, but my training as a Marine gave me the wisdom, courage, discipline and sensitivity to chart a thrilling and challenging destiny. Being a Marine led me to the rewarding path of becoming a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and the found of Obiarts, an international art corporation."
Obi, Lewis. "Semper Fi." 904 March/April 2008: 86 - 87
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To Each Their Own - An update on platelets, fibroblasts, and fat.

Lewis J. Obi, MD, comments on the unique filtering mechanism of the Adivive™ Fat Transfer System.

The following is an excerpt taken from The March 2012 issue of PSP

Another fat grafting system that is changing the face of adipose tissue is the Adivive™ Fat Transfer System, marketed in the United States by Palomar Medical, Burlington, Mass. Adivive is described as an integrated system that uses a unique filtering mechanism and high G-force centrifugation to yield a higher quality of adipose tissue for reinjection. “The amount of fat that survived from fat transfer has traditionally been unpredictable and often discouraging. The innovative Adivive technology filters the fat to its cellular components, and by doing so, it may encourage the fat cells to more reliably perform normal subcellular activities, thus improving chances of their survival and the cosmetic result,” says Jacksonville, Fla, plastic surgeon Lewis J. Obi, MD, FACS.
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Jacksonville Magazine, 2012

Top Docs

750+ Board Certified Specialist & Physicians Rated by Patients as the City’s Best

Dr. Obi named Leading Jacksonville Plastic SurgeonThe following are excerpts taken from the issue

Dr. Lewis Obi was featured as
- Leading Jacksonville Surgical Specialist (pg 56)
- Leading Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon (pg 62)
- Plastic Surgeon Spotlight (pg 88)
Click here to see the article.

Serendipitous Journey, 2006

Dr. Lewis Obi Symbolizes the Integration of Art and Medicine
Written by Sean McManus of Jacksonville Luxury Living

The following is an excerpt taken from Jacksonville Luxury Living article

Perhaps it’s only natural that a plastic surgeon should appreciate beauty. The field of plastic surgery, after all, revolves around either restoring, enhancing or preserving it. But for Dr. Lewis Obi, a plastic surgery pioneer in Jacksonville, beauty has many layers. And it is his textured understanding of aesthetic beauty - manifest in everything from art to fitness - that has sustained not only a highly successful professional practice but resulted in an accomplished and fulfilling personal life as well.
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Jacksonville Magazine, November 2012, Women’s Health Issue

Dr. Lewis Obi was recently featured in Jacksonville Magazine’s special Women’s Health Issue as a feature plastic surgeon in Jacksonville. He was also asked to share his top three beauty products to enhance a woman’s natural beauty

Jacksonville Magazine, 2012

Be Beautiful Now

The following is an excerpt taken from the issue

The major advantages [of SlimLipo] include less downtime, little to no bruising and remarkable results. The majority of these procedures are performed without general anesthesia and most patients return to work within two to five days. Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the first plastic surgeons in the world to integrate this advanced technology into his practice. To date, he has treated more than 1,000 zones on 280 patients during the last 28 months. » Read more

The Resident Community News, 2011

Lewis J. Obi, MD FRSA

The following is an excerpt taken from an issue of The Resident News

Often my friends and patients have asked “Why did you become a plastic surgeon and how did you channel your creative talents into your life’s work?” Five years ago author Sean McManus wrote an article about me entitled “Serendipitous Journey - DR LEWIS OBI SYMBOLIZES the INTEGRATION of ART AND MEDICINE”. Ever since I can remember, I had a love for art, architecture, music and medicine. Only after joining the Marine Corps at age 16 and becoming exposed to horrific scenes of war victims did I develop a resolve to become a plastic surgeon My Marine Corps experience and discipline led me on to the “Serendipitous Journey” that included almost 20 years of educational preparation which continues today...
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The Resident Community News, 2010

Make changes now to protect skin from sun, correct damage done

The following is an excerpt taken from the issue

“Sun exposure during childhood produces the greatest risk for cancer, just two or three sunburns under age 16 can greatly increase your risk for skin cancer.”
– Dr. Lewis Obi


FIT Magazine article featuring Dr. Lewis Obi

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Dr. Lewis J. Obi is featured in the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery's breast augmentation before and after gallery and its directory of medical spas.
This consumer resource addresses numerous topics, including breast augmentation, hair removal, breast lift and Botox cost.

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