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Dr. Lewis Obi Reviews the latest Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery advancements

You must have heard about it! The new skin tightening serum that eliminates lines and makes you look 10 years younger, Or maybe it was the that new liposuction procedure that claims to be the quickest and safest way to shed unwanted pounds...or maybe that fantastic contouring and stylish facelift procedure. Regardless of which TV commercial, news paper article, radio ad or infomercial you heard, read or saw on TV, chances are, you did not get the full story. Advertisements are just not always news worthy nor accurate.

In recent years, the plastic and cosmetic surgery profession have flooded the media with a plethora of astonishing claims of revolutionary and new procedures. We therefore felt it would be helpful to share the knowledge and opinions on all of these stories with an internationally respected plastic surgeon. Dr. Lewis Obi is published regularly, and speaks at events around the world. He has pioneered multiple new plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures through partnerships with industry manufacturers and is regularly sought after by publications and the media. Dr. Obi has been on the cutting edge of new developments and trends in the plastic and cosmetic surgery profession and is therefore a great source of accurate and unbiased information on these new developments.

As a recognized leader in the field of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Dr Lewis Obi was therefore asked to share his insights and opinions on trends, developments and new plastic surgery procedures that are being introduced. Dr. Obi will comment on both the advantages and dangers for potential candidates of the latest advances in plastic surgery. We hope you find this information useful.


Top countries for plastic surgery? We’re #1

February 14, 2013

Taken from a Special Kim Painter article for USA Today - February 5, 2013

The USA is tops in plastic surgery, but not if you look at nose jobs or rates by population.

The USA remains the plastic surgery capital of the world when it comes to sheer numbers of lifts, tucks and implants, an international survey shows. Brazil is not far behind, according to the latest analysis from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

But rates by population actually are higher in South Korea, Greece and Italy, where more than 10 procedures were performed for every 1,000 people in 2011, according to a breakdown of the data by the Economist.

The society's report covers 6.3 million surgeries and 8.3 million non-surgical procedures (from Botox injections to laser hair removal and chemical peels) performed by plastic surgeons in 2011. Just over 21%, or 3.1 million procedures, were done in the USA.

The findings are based on surveys of 996 plastic surgeons around the world and they assume that fellow surgeons in each country have similar procedure rates. Procedures done by dermatologists or other providers are not included.

While breast augmentation is the top surgical procedure in the USA, the top plastic surgery worldwide is lipoplasty (fat removal, also known as liposuction). When it comes to nose jobs, the USA isn't even in the top three. Rhinoplasty is performed most often in China, Japan and Brazil. The USA has the most plastic surgeons, 5,950; Brazil, with 5,024, and China, with 2000, come in second and third. By contrast, the United Kingdom has just 450 and Canada has 425.

While these survey statistics are interesting and relevant, there are many issues patients struggle with in choosing a plastic surgeon. What is also pertinent is the relatively small number of board certified plastic surgeons in the United States. The Kaiser report of 2012 indicated that there were 834,769 physicians in the U.S. but with fewer than 6000 active board certified plastic surgeons.

However, there are more than 50,000 physicians and dentists that claim the title of “plastic surgeon”. This patient’s issue is even more confusing in other countries where board certification and regulatory organizations are obscure and do not maintain high standards.

Patient beware and “do no harm” is the underlying message of my third LJO review. Statistics are interesting and board certification in plastic surgery is important. However as a veteran plastic surgeon, what I would want in my personal plastic surgeon is not only all of the above but also “after the plastic surgeon enters the operating room and completes my surgery, an artist emerges from the OR at the end of my surgery”.

Watercolor of Lotus Flower - Lewis J. Obi - 1971

Lewis J. Obi, MD, ABPS, FRSA (Fellow, Royal Society of Art, London).

Upper Lid Surgery (Blepharoplasty), Eyebrow Ptosis, and Lateral Hooding

January 2013

A review of current surgical procedures in the plastic surgery literature in comparison to the “LJO” browlift

Sagging of the eyebrows contributes to a sadder, older, and more fatigued appearance. Many patients seek remedies that will mask or correct this concern. Today, women of every social class depilate the lower lateral part of the eyebrow to obtain the illusion of raising the eyebrow and/or create more space between the eye and eyebrow. Some people depilate very extensively and end up completely or partly redrawing their brows in a higher position, using a pencil; others resort to “permanent makeup” (tattoos). The mechanics of brow ptosis (sag) is similar “to that of a curtain rod that has loosened and fallen, causing folding of the curtain. This phenomenon is related to age but also eye color and skin type in that brow sag may occur in younger patients. Frowning accentuates the lateral brow sag by opposing the forehead (frontalis) muscles which elevates the brow. Botox injections placed beneath the tail of the brow counters the frowning (obicularis) muscles thereby allowing the brow to drift upward.

In this month’s Aesthetic Surgery Journal a proposed surgical treatment of the lateral upper lid hooding was presented by Dr Giacomo Bellinvia of Milan, Italy. His recommendation was to extend the upper lid skin excision laterally and upward beyond the outer eyebrow. Dr. Lewis Obi cautions that this approach may accentuate the brow sag and result in noticeable scars that are hard to correct. Taking out more skin also decreases the vertical height of the upper eyelid creating a downward tension on the brow which also interferes with eyelid closure. This increases the brow sag and the excessive skin excision often causes dry eye syndrome The LJO brow lift with upper blepharoplasty avoids all of these distortions and functional complications. Most importantly, Dr. Obi’s approach results in an optimal correction with a natural result in terms of the brow lift and upper eyelid correction.

Dr. Bellinvia’s excision of skin as pictured above removes excessive skin and places the scar in an unnatural high position, often resulting in a visible upper eyelid scar.

LJO Browlift and upper eyelid incisions shown below does not remove excessive skin and the resulting scars are not visible.

In regards to low brow levels, there are dozens of proposed techniques that lift the forehead and/or brow. However most of these approaches distort the brows and result in visible scars.

Most of these procedures used by plastic surgeons result in a distorted “deer in the headlights” appearance. that is difficult to correct. The most common technique is the endoscopic brow lift which Dr. Obi has never endorsed. Other procedures such as forehead lifts, coronal lifts and suture suspensions have many pitfalls and ultimately produce results often seen in TV and movie celebrities as depicted in the pictures below. More expensive is not always aesthetically more effective.

Finding an exact balance of lifting only the tail of the brow while excising minimal upper eyelid skin was discovered by Dr. Lewis Obi over 30 years ago. The LJO brow lift has withstood the test of time in more than 3000 patients. This technique that rarely results in any visible scars was discussed in the blog of October 23, 2012 and has been presented by Dr. Obi at symposia internationally. Although his technique was originally submitted for a journal publication in 1982, recent renewed peer interest in Dr. Obi’s innovative procedure has resulted in resubmission of this technique for publication.. Dr. Lewis Obi’s results in eyelid regeneration have been consistently successful in all age groups and perhaps unrivaled by any of his colleagues. Just a few of his 3000 patients with successful and natural results are pictured below.

The average cost for an LJO brow lift and upper blepharoplasty is economical dollar wise and even more so in terms of avoiding costly complications often seen with inept surgery. Reflective of Dr. Lewis Obi’s artistic skills is a quote from one of his past publications: “Medicine’s contribution to art is the art of plastic surgery”. Plastic Surgeons always strive to reduce their craft to a science but in the end, an artist must be present in the operating room.

Aphrodite’s Dream by Daniel
compliments of Obiarts Inc
and Lewis J. Obi, MD, FRSA


January 2013

In his blog of September 6, 2012, Dr. Lewis Obi presented a comprehensive review of the Style 410 “Gummy Bear” breast implants. There has been long term interest in the style 410 implants which have been used in Europe for the past twenty years. The September blog was inspired by a major article in the August issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal which is the official publication of the American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons (ASAPS) (link): “Natrelle Style 410 Form-Stable Silicone Breast Implants Core Study Results at 6 Years” by Dr. G. Patrick Maxwell, Clinical Professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery, Loma Linda University School of Medicine. According to reliable sources, availability of the new “gummy bear” implants was eminent which was why Dr. Obi posted his blog.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants in Jacksonville

These new style 410 shaped, form-stable implants are referred to as fifthgeneration silicone gel breast implants. They differ from the currently FDAapproved fourth-generation silicone breast implants, which are round and composed of a less stiff, non-form-stable silicone gel. Dr. Maxwell’s study proved that these new “gummy bear” implants are associated with a much higher patient satisfaction rate (95.1%) and a much lower complication rate. Current complications with existing implants includes capsular contracture (firmness), asymmetry, shape changes, ruptures, rippling, etc. The Loma Linda study conducted by Dr. Maxwell confirmed European studies which reflected a much lower complication rate with the style 410 “form stable” implants.

Gummy Bear Breast Implant Photos Jacksonville Florida
Gummy ear Implant Imaging

Dr. Lewis Obi is published regularly, and speaks at events around the world. He has pioneered multiple new plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures through partnerships with industry manufacturers and is regularly sought after by publications and the media. Dr. Obi has been on the cutting edge of new developments and trends in the plastic and cosmetic surgery profession and is therefore a great source of accurate and unbiased information on these new developments. It is anticipated that Dr. Lewis Obi will likewise take the lead with the impending introduction of the style 410 “gummy bear” implants.

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