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Axillary Hyperhydrosis 
(Excessive underarm perspiration)
A new treatment with dual blend laser (SlimLipo™)
Axillary hyperhydrosis is caused by the sympathetic nervous system sending signals to the underarm sweat glands to keep producing sweat, which leaves people excessively sweaty.  Outside of the use of antiperspirants and various drugs, the only effective treatment has been the use of Botox injections which are expensive ($1000 or more per treatment) and must be repeated every six months. Palomar Medical introduced laser lipolysis with the SlimLipo platform almost three years ago and Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the first providers of this new technology. While presenting at an advanced symposium on March 12 in Dallas, Dr. Obi learned of the newest application of SlimLipo in the area of axillary hyperhydrosis.  Since the sweat glands reside in fatty tissue, ablation of these fat cells also reduces the ability of the sweat glands to function.  This treatment may be provided under local anesthesia during a lunch hour break with no down time.  Results appear to be more permanent than Botox treatments and at a cost of under $2000.  
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Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic


Palomar Medical has just renamed their Fat Processing Unit as Adivive™ instead of Lipokit.  To avoid confusion on our website, we will continue to use both names.  As we previously announced, the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic was the first facility in the United States to receive an FDA approved system which has been used to treat more than a dozen patients.  This system concentrates stem cells in adult fat to provide a cleaner and longer lasting natural filler for the face, breasts, and other areas of the body.  The new non invasive technique of facial rejuvenation "3D Spacelift" included Adivive™ fat transfer and/or SlimLipo™ neck tightening.  These procedures are performed without general anesthesia and most patients may return to work in 5 to 7 days.   



Lisa Lipokit




Breast Augmentation and Slimlipo™ Combinations
Reduced Fees

During the spring and summer months these procedures are performed with up to a 20% reduction in our usual fees.  If performed together (eg: breast augmentation with Slimlipo™ of the abdomen and/or thighs) then there is an additional savings with the bonus of synergistic body sculpting result.  Moderate degrees of breast sag may also be treated with laser tightening by the Slimlipo™ laser.  In fact, Dr. Obi was the first plastic surgeon to present this Slimlipo™ application in breast surgery.  Fees for this combination procedures may be as low as $7000, whereas separately the cost would be in excess of $8500.  Call today for more information and booking a consultation.
Renaissance Specials

Laser Hair Removal


                 Full Bikini and Underarms
                    $149/ Treatment

              Juvederm Ultra Plus XE
               Fractional Resurfacing Treatment

Photofacial Package of 2
                     Revealskin Day Cream with SPF

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"Meet the Staff"


 Denise is a Licensed Aesthetician with more than 9 years of experience helping our patients achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. Denise has been with Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic for 3 and half years and enjoys her job as a dedicated Aesthetician.  Denise does her utmost to ensure that the results of her work reflect the patient's aesthetic vision. Denise will plan an individualized care program that will meet your specific skin care needs.


Native to Jacksonville, Denise graduated from Advanced Career Training in 2003 as a Medical Assistant. Denise continued her education at North Florida Institute where she received her Aesthetician License. After receiving her Aesthetician License Denise went to work in Dermatology for 5 years working directly under a board certified dermatologist to specialize in various laser treatments, facial treatments, and skin care. 



Introducing PaloVia
Palovia™, newly developed by Palomar, is a FDA approved hand held light based laser device for home use to treat smile lines, crow's feet, and other wrinkles.  The Renaissance Center is the first Jacksonville Plastic Surgery Clinic to offer this device.  Please watch for our upcoming Mother's Day event as well as the inauguration of our new internet Renaissance on-line store.  Call Denise
  at 904-399-4555 for more info. Visit the Renaissance Center to view all procedures
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