TCA Chemical Peel in Jacksonville, FL

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The TCA Chemical Peel

A Chemical Peel that Eliminates Wrinkles and Dark Spots.

Tricholoroacetic acid, (TCA) chemical peels are commonly used to smooth the skin and improve its texture. As we age and spend time in the sun, our skin gets damaged. This results in fine wrinkles especially in areas around the mouth, sun spots and brown spots around the face. The TCA chemical peel can improve the appearance of these lines. A TCA Chemical Peel is not used to completely remove deep wrinkles but can be addressed with multiple treatments or more aggressive chemical peels such as phenol.

TCA Chemical Peels are only available from licensed professionals. Schedule a Consultation to see if a TCA Chemical Peel is right for you!

What is TCA and How Does it Work?

Tricholoroacetic acid, (TCA) is a chemical that resurfaces the skin or epidermis by denaturing proteins. This results in “desquamation” or sloughing of cells stimulating the regeneration of new, more youthful skin cells in their place.

How Should I Prepare for a TCA Chemical Peel?

Prior to receiving a chemical peel, it is important to pre-treat your skin and prepare it to assure optimal results. This usually starts 4-6 weeks prior to the treatment and involves avoiding sun and tanning beds, starting a retinoid cream at night and using SPF 30 sunscreen any time you are exposed to the sun. During your initial consultation we will discuss this with you and provide detailed information about preparing for your treatment.

How Does a TCA Chemical Peel Feel?

Most people describe the feel of a TCA Chemical Peel as a burning sensation, similar to getting a sunburn. This sensation can last for a few hours after your treatment. If you are sensitive to this sensation, it can be mitigated with over the counter pain medication.

How is a TCA Chemical Peel performed?

A TCA Chemical Peel is an in office procedure. When you arrive for your treatment, the first step of the treatment is to thoroughly clean your face and remove any oil to assure that the peel is effective. We will then apply the TCA peel to the targeted areas of your face using gauze pads and q tips. After a predetermined amount of time based on your skin’s condition, skin type and other factors, the peel is then neutralized and rinsed away with water.

After Your TCA Chemical Peel

After your TCA Chemical Peel, you should expect your skin to peel for about 10 days. Do Not attempt to rush the healing process by picking or peeling your skin. This can actually slow down the healing process. The most important step to take during this recovery period is to stay out of the sun. Sun exposure will excite your skin cells and can lead to changes in the pigment of your skin. We also recommend that you wash your face with only tap water of a comfortable temperature. After about 10 days the treated areas will likely still be red but you can apply water based makeup to cover the red spots. Usually within a few weeks your sin will have completely recovered and you will be able to enjoy your renewed appearance with or without makeup.

TCA Chemical Peel Results

TCA Peel Before and After

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