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Tattoo Removal

Color Tattoo Removal in Jacksonville

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Laser Tattoo Removal at Obi Plastic Surgery

Completely Remove “Any” Tattoo, even multi-color tattoos

Color Tattoo Removal in Jacksonville

Obi Plastic Surgery is proud to bring patients the MedLite C6 Laser. The MedLite C6 Laser offers unmatched Precision Beam Technology through a true flat-top beam profile that allows black ink and color ink tattoos to be completely erased!

Schedule a consultation to discuss how this laser can return your skin to it’s natural state and eliminate tattoos unwanted tattoos instead of placing another tattoo over them or trying to add to them.

The number of treatments will vary depending on your tattoo. And our skin care specialists will be able to explain how many treatments will be required to remove your tattoo during your initial consultation.

Laser Tattoo Removal at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville

A Laser Capable of Treating a Variety of Skin Conditions

The versatility of the MedLite C6 delivers multiple wavelengths which allows us to treat a number of other skin conditions as well:

Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about how the MedLite C6 Laser can help you achieve naturally beautiful skin!

For the Most Advanced Skin Care Treatments.

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