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Laser Liposuction Specials iin Jacksonville at Obi Plastic Surgery

No need to shop all the trendy and heavily marketed body sculpting claims, and risk poor results, pain, multiple treatments and extended recovery times!

Right Now, You can experience the Gold Standard in Laser Liposuction at a Newly Reduced Cost that is The Same or Below the Cost of All Other Minimally-Invasive and Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Options!

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SlimLipo Laser Liposuction for LESS THAN $3,000!

Patients with a BMI of 30 or below can have their Love Handles, Saddle Bags or Neck sculpted and contoured with SlimLipo Laser Liposuction for LESS THAN $3,000!


Receive SlimLipo Laser Liposuction for the Abdomen, Flanks and Back, (Total Torso) for ONLY $6,900 when combined with other major procedures such as Breast Augmentation, Face Lift, Stem Cell Therapies, Etc.

We’re sure you’ve noticed all the advertising about the latest and greatest new procedures to easily reduce unwanted fat. Frankly it’s hard to miss them. But  research them carefully. Many of these “Great” or “Amazing” new treatments can create more problems than they correct. Just read the reviews to learn how many patients endure days and weeks of painful recovery, the need for multiple treatments and in the worst cases, permanent tissue and nerve damage.

At Obi Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lewis J. Obi has always insisted on the safest and most advanced techniques and treatment protocols from the most complex procedures to the most basic cosmetic treatments. And Laser Liposuction is no exception. Dr. Obi selected the industries gold standard in Laser Liposuction; SlimLipo. The SlimLipo Laser is a Dual Wavelength Laser. One of this laser’s Dual Wavelengths literally Melts body fat into fluid. This wavelength also melts fat more effectively than ANY OTHER LASER. (See the comparison video below). The second wavelength tightens the skin to smooth the skin in the treated area. Combined, these two laser wavelengths melt fat from almost any area of the body and tighten the skin to sculpt and contour your body, neck and face safely, painlessly, and with minimal bruising or extended downtime, in one treatment!

Watch this Video and see why SlimLipo Laser Lipo Body Sculpting is the Best Laser Lipo Option available today!

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