Skin Care Med Spa in Jacksonville

Laser and Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Specialists at Obi Plastic Surgery

Skin Rejuvenation at
Obi Plastic Surgery & Pangenics Regenerative Center

Advanced Skin Rejuvenation with Cosmetic Lasers for Scar and Wrinkle Reduction, Hair Removal, and Facials. Also PRP Microneedling, Hair Loss Treatments with PRP, Chemical Peels, Botox and a Variety of Dermal Fillers. All At The Skin Care Med Spa at Obi Plastic Surgery.

Our Certifications, Experience and Talent Assure the Best Possible Treatment Experience!

The Skin Care Med Spa at Obi Plastic Surgery is staffed by Dr. Lewis J. Obi; a very experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Nurse Practitioner.

Browse all of the treatments below to learn more about all of the skin care and facial rejuvenation treatments that are available at the Skin Care Med Spa at Obi Plastic Surgery.

Stem Cell Enhanced PRP Hair Loss TreatmentHair Loss Treatment
for Women and Men

Regrow thinning and lost hair with Stem Cell Enriched Platelet Rich Plasma.

Learn More about Stem Cell | PRP Hair Loss Treatment at Obi Plastic Surgery

Advanced Fractional Microneedling with VivaseAdvanced Micro Needling

The gold standard in Micro-Needling enhanced with Stem Cell Enriched Platelet Rich Plasma.

Learn More about Micro-Needling at Obi Plastic Surgery

Vitalize Chemical Peel

For mild to moderate skin imperfections and exfoliation.

Learn More about Vitalize Chemical Peels at Obi Plastic Surgery

Glycolic Chemical Peel

Exfoliates outermost layer of the skin for a radiant glow.

Learn More about Glycolic Chemical Peels at Obi Plastic Surgery

Illuminize Chemical Peel

Gentle exfoliation for the most sensitive of skin types.

Learn More about Illuminize Chemical Peels for Sensitive Skin

Rejuvenize Peel (TCA)

For moderate to severe skin imperfections and exfoliation.


IPL Skin Rejuvenation

A pulse laser is used for vein removal and to treat rosacea, sun damage, melasma, angiomas and poikiloderma.

Learn More about IPL Skin Rejuvenation at Obi Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lewis Obi’s medical school and post graduate mentor; Dr Thomas Baker, was “the world pioneer” of facial chemical peeling. Dr. Obi, as a medical student, witnessed Dr. Baker’s first chemical peeling procedures and after entering plastic surgery practice and providing chemical peels to 1000’s of patients, Dr. Baker and Dr. Obi co-authored medical textbook chapters on chemical peeling procedures. Since then, Dr. Lewis Obi was named as an inventor of a cellulite laser platform clinically studied by Palomar at Dr Obi’s plastic surgery clinic. This extensive skin rejuvenation experience has resulted in Obi Plastic Surgery becoming one of the most advanced and safest cosmetic laser and skin treatment in the Jacksonville area.

Schedule a consultation to learn first hand how Dr. Obi’s skin rejuvenation experience coupled with the treatments below can dramatically improve a variety of facial skin conditions, repair damaged skin and reverse the effects of aging.

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