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Thursday, January 16th, 2014

New Year, New You

The start of a new year inspires many to make changes. Whether you want to improve your finances, improve your fitness, or improve your health, there are many things you can do to make yourself even better in 2014. When you decide to make any physical changes to your face to give yourself a more youthful appearance, you have several choices. Some choices are less invasive than others. A great alternative to traditional facelifts is the OPERA Lift.

What Is the OPERA Lift?

adivive lipokit autologous fat transfer before and after

The OPERA Lift, or Obi-Palomar External Rejuvenation Aesthetics was created in 2011. This revolutionary new technology was developed by Dr. Lewis Obi, in collaboration with Palomar Medical Technology. Dr. Obi first created this non-invasive method of providing patients with a more youthful visage. The procedure uses a powerful combination of Palomar’s SlimLipo laser platform, in conjunction with the Adivive fat processing unit, to allow Dr. Obi to perform a complete face and neck rejuvenation without traditional surgery. This procedure does not cause the pain and swelling that can sometimes be experienced with traditional surgeries. It also minimizes cost and recovery times for patients. With the changing economy and the increasing demands on patients’ schedules, the OPERA Lift is a much better choice for those who want to look and feel better.

OPERA Lift: Minor and Major

There are two types of OPERA Lifts that patients may choose from: OPERA Lift Minor and OPERA Lift Major. OPERA Lift Minor combines preoperative sedation, such as Valium and Percocet, with local anesthesia during the procedure. Facial tightening is accomplished via Adivive stem cell concentrated fat grafting system, while neck tightening is accomplished through the use of SlimLipo. Patients may return to normal activities in as little as three days, and the cost is typically less than $5,000. With OPERA Lift Major, a larger volume of Adivive stem cell concentrated fat grafting is applied to the face, and SlimLipo is again used for the neck. Platelet Rich Plasma from the patient’s own blood is added to enhance the face and reduce bruising. IV sedation is used for this procedure, and recovery times are anywhere from seven to ten days. Both treatment options give patients a graceful, natural and youthful look.

Dr. Lewis Obi, M.D., FRSA, Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Lewis Obi has been hailed by many of his peers and experts in the plastic surgery industry as one of the best in the field. Dr. Obi is committed to helping each patient find the results they are looking for, and achieve a more youthful appearance. This can help boost confidence for many patients, and help them put their best face forward. If you are considering a facelift, the OPERA Lift may be right for you. If you are considering other types of plastic surgery, Dr. Obi can assist with those areas as well. Contact our staff today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options, so you can make 2014 your best year ever!

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